Friday, 7 January 2011

Queen of Pentacles

I've downloaded a picture for you of the Queen of Pentacles as in  Rider Waite's tarot decks; actually now I've downloaded her, she doesn't really look that happy to me.

She's one of 4 Queens from Tarot, each one a Queen of water, air, earth and fire. She's linked to the Earth.  My star sign is a water one, but I've always felt more at home in fields and hills than on a beach. I love trees and the earth, although I've never really taken to Gardening. I'm the one that will walk through a park and spot the blackbird digging under the tree, or the worm creeping to the top soil - I just love nature. I'm in awe of nature.

I've had my fiftieth birthday (no, sorry, not telling you when!) I guess I've kind of explored the lives of the other three. Maybe in terms of age, the pentacles is appropriate for me. Appropriate for me at this time of life (as in Crone). Coins are for winter. In other ways, she's always appropriate. I've never really got the hang of money issues. I've always had to put off feeling content myself for others. I've kind of always had to manage, for others,
and to a degree am still trying to do that.

She's actually represents something I feel complete in. When Jack and I went to Angelsea, we stayed in this log cabin. It had windows all along one side, which opened up to the hills and fields. We saw the sun come up, and the sun go down. We say day break, night fall. We heard the sounds of the earth all around us. The log cabin blended into it's surroundings and it was so utterly peaceful. The log fire crackled in the evenings. We lived very simply on homemade soups mostly. We took short walks when we could. Life was beautiful.

I digress. Sorry. Back to the Queen of Pentacles. I have to get things in order really. Not emotions. Practical everyday things. I'm helping others, but I also need to work on me. I need to find my style, and be happy in it. I need to nest. But not for others, for me. Lets not forget this Queen came along with the Ace of Swords. My first thought was protection; it was to do with the anger at the time. And yes, there was a lot to do with issues like respect.

But you know, respect comes in many forms, an important one being self respect. "It's no good running a pig farm badly for 30 years while saying, 'Really, I was meant to be a ballet dancer.' By then, pigs will be your style". Quentin Crisp

Being a Queen takes time. I'm embarking, spiritually and in terms of age, on the Queen of Pentacles experiences, having entered into my "crone hood".

 "I am wealthy and live in the paradise of my own creation.  All that I have ever wanted is here now, a part of me... The greatest of my dreams can now be seen in Earth's form. I shall enjoy this, the best of times, and release all guilt from success.  This is the moment I have long awaited. The Great Mother and I are one".
               The Medicine Woman Inner Guidebook by Carol Bridges. Page 161.  

An idea's springing here. Tarot for Crone-hood! 

love and light
Gina and Jackory

If you are in trouble today, and don't know where to turn, ask Jackory to pathfind for you. His pictures on my blog. Call his name, and ask him to path find for you to safety, within love and light. Listen then to what motivates you, instinct? Ideas? Inspiration? What guidance calls to you? If you are lonely, ask him to sit with you. Jack loved people.  When Jack comes, he comes with peaceful, warm love. There is a feeling of intense warmth and love. 


SunTiger said...

Interesting perspective on the queen. I purchased a Voyager Tarot deck from an estate sale this past weekend (for $3). I felt so excited about the find - and I'm utterly fascinated with how that deck presents the queen as "woman" and the king as "man" ... then there's the Sage (grandparent) and child.

I tend to work most with the Mythic Tarot deck and the Queen of Pentacles does not look downtrodden in it. (Fascinating how we all have a certain affinity for one deck or another.)

Georgina at Doggeanie said...

Hi Sun Tiger! Thank you for visiting my blog... aren't you lucky with the Voyager Tarot! It must be meant for you...

I think tarot cards can call to you their messages afresh, each time I look at them something different catches my eye. I know we say that the Kings/Queens are always older than the Knights/Pages, but what spoke to me when I looked at her for me, was she was the Queen of Pentacles, and Pentacles to me are for the winter - I think Cups as being Spring, the swords for Autumn usually, and the Wands for the Summer - and in life I think we have our Spring - Winter journey.... I will stop by your blog and say hi asap!