Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Ace Swords: in spirit, in tarot love and life

Isn't this a fabulous picture? Reminds me of Excalibur, sword of King Arthur.  It was the card that I mentioned in my last post, don't know if you remember? The one I'd said I'd have to live with, to see if I could pick up any more from it. Actually, I did not do that. Christmas and New Year is always a bit of a rough ride personally for me, and I think my first thoughts of protection, was more significant. You know protection is a means of  defense. This sword is held upright. It is usually a sign of respect. Excalibur held the power of the rightful King; i.e. Arthur. 

Odd  this was drawn with the Queen of Pentacles.  I've been thinking about defense and protection in relation to her. The Queen of Pentacles is linked to money, to practical every day things like income and home. 

My first thoughts of protection was right. But protection and defense come in all manner of ways don't they. To protect, you can attack, or think strategy. You can resolve issues. It needs a strong mind, rather than reaction emotionally.

The strength, power of mind. The swords are linked to mind, to the air - and linked  to the Queen. I have power to win through, but it is tough, not easy.

I'm not adding any more to it for now. I want to wait  and see what evolves. The Aces also indicate opportunities... 

So I'm going to wait and see. For now though, with strength of thought, and not of attacking, things seem to have abated. Anger has abated. There is a bit of a wreckage, there always is after a storm. 

I need to recapture the essence though of the Queen of Pentacles. Thats up to me. 

A good start for a new topic? -  The Queens. Building the Queen of Pentacles into my life again. Working on things like respect. Making choices. Strength, peace. Working for the good of all. 

Love you. 

Gina and Jackory

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