Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Anger re-created with tarot and spirit

"All the world's a stage, And all the men and women merely players." Shakespeare: "As You Like It"

I'm so full of info today I'm bubbling. I've been bubbling too, with anger. A little hurt, A bit of resentment, mixed together: a firecracker! Sort of like an 8 wands moment...but I suppose that depends on how you view the 8 wands! 

I've been wondering a lot, since my last posting, on being creative with anger: I've mused.
1. what do famous, inspirational, successful people do with anger? 
2. What does my dearest friend do - (well she will tell anyone, to just make life normal. Carry on as normal. - A very English thing to do, but oh my. The strength in doing it... she has earned my deepest respect)
3. My dog Jack just never got angry. I don't think anger was in his system, in his make up.
4.what does tarot/spirit say?
5. What does the net say? - I found Gina Lake has something to say on it - see
6. I passed it on to "spirit" and got this message - That I didn't have to do anything. That the Universe would sort it. Boy thats a difficult one at times to accept. So easy to say... human feelings get in the way of accepting that one with grace, and moving on...

When I was younger, to me anger meant something good. It kind of motivated me. But that was in the days when I was younger, with energy and options. I never held anger in, I used it to re-create.  Now I'm older, with less energy, it's different. It's harder to re-create. I can't even stamp off to Borders to sulk and escape!

So girls, and guys, pull up a chair. Have a cup of tea (or coffee, or brandy, or beer) and lets have a look at the tarot cards....

A normal tarot deck is a lot like different stage settings, captured in a single moment of experience or visualization....

One of my favorite local spirit earth person is Ron Heyes. I call him the Angel man, but to me he also walks this earth as an Ascended Master. He once said to me that our existence on this earth is created by ourselves.

A lot to take in that, depending on your experiences. But I have been thinking of that today, also in my head has come what Shakespeare said, the quote above. "All the Worlds a Stage". I don't like the anger. It wont get me anywhere. Won't change what's happened.

Instead of "drawing" a card, I've looked through my deck for images on the cards that resonate to me. One is the Queen of Pentacles. She's very grounding. (I'm thinking Tigers Quartz here for grounding, will dig out a stone to wear now). Her standing calls too me. She is a Queen. Thats really what I want at the end of the day. Its the cause behind my anger really. I want respect back again. So she is already saying a lot to me here.

The second card I drew, is the Ace of Swords. Because sometimes, it is hard to get the balance right. I've been so busy nurturing others, and trying to be unconditional, that somehow I've lost the importance of weaving some protection, for want of a better word, around me. I guess by protection, I be honest, I dont know. I'm going to have to "live" with this  card for a bit  to find out, and to find out how to implement it.

One of the things about tarot is my pathfinding through it. Sometimes it can be a bit painful too. Like how I feel when I saw this Ace of Swords cards...

It's useful to do this. Its one thing that you cannot do when you have a phone reading. Please consider this option when you have a face to face reading - its such a good thing to do, and a different way of working, and the other nice thing I like about it is that you, not the reader, is in charge, too. Have a look at what the pictures tell you. What your instinct says. Reflect on them. Ask the reader for insights on the card.

Nice to chat to you. Thanks for sharing some time with me on Tarot, Love and Life.

Love and light
Gina and Jackoryx

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