Sunday, 26 December 2010

What to do when you are Angry: Cope with love and life through tarot.

The days have long passed when most of us could walk away from something that is causing us problems.

Christmas is supposed to be a time of peace, goodwill, and cheer, but for many of us the festive time is fraught with relationship battles, disappointments and sometimes memories return, a bit like Santa in a bit of a rush and it can blow black soot over our shiny  Christmas baubles.

The Christmas Tree can often be a place of sanctuary. If you look up the significance of pine trees, you will find them linked to longevity, to healing, to creativity and immortality.

Amber is  a gemstone that comes from the resin of pine trees; amber is said to be protective, to dissolve oppositions, and to bring success. To me, brown amber is a very "grounding" stone.

Okay, all these gifts from pine trees - and many of us have one in our homes at Christmas. I love the smell of pine - if you click , you'll come across a paragraph on pine essential oils.

There is something very peaceful in the "aura" of a real pine Christmas tree. If we dig into the Tarot, we come across wands, which are often depicted as branches with tiny budding leaves. Whenever I see "wands" I think of something that we can have an influence on. Something that can be quickened up if we wish. Wands are often linked to fire energy...

Thing is with anger, that can be fire energy. Fire fuels anger. Swallowing anger is very hard.  Today, is the 26 of December, 2010. Links to Judgement in tarot.

20 is an interesting number, made up from The High Priestess, The Wheel of Fortune, the Emperor, and Fool cards. We get a sense of freedom through knowledge and strength. The card of Judgement can mean a discovery; an outcome, a judgement - depending on what is around it. If we think of anger, at some point there has to be a judgement. There has to be an outcome. Either come together, agree - agree to disagree - make up, or dissolve.

It is said that words have energy. Thoughts have energy. Fire can warm us, but it can also burn us. If your anger is burning, what then to do?

Perhaps the healing smells and lights of your pine Christmas tree can soothe you, Focus on the smell, the lights. Breathe them in, hold, breathe them gently out. Return to wand energy, to the source of the fire. Wands are creativity. In what ways can you be creative with the anger?

Pause for thought. Choose to send love while you pause for thought. If you have a tarot deck, its a brilliant question to ask. How can I be creative with this? How can I turn this to be positive?

If you haven't got a deck, they are good questions to think of for a reading. How can I be creative with this situation? How can I turn this to be positive?

Our experiences can be opportunities. Anger thrusts itself upon us sometimes. Sometimes the actions of others ignite the fire of anger, and anger often stems from hurt.

Reflect, and I'll come back and do another posting.

On being creative with the anger!

with love and light
Gina and Jackoryx

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