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What will 2011 be like?

By Georgina from www.Doggeanie.biz

Tarot, love and life: 2011

Overview of the New Year for love and life in Tarot
Tarot wise, 2011 is a year of dealing with changes. It is about finding opportunities to progress on hopes and dreams. Being able to lovingly release that which is unhelpful; or which has fallen away. It may be a year of endings and of new beginnings. In the major Arcana, 2011 is linked to 13.

Through tarot, we can explore what influences may be around us month by month. The tarot - scope that follows  is based on:
  • January as being the first month of the year;
  • Each month within 2011 (i.e. 13)  is linked to a Major Arcana card from a Raider Waite tarot deck.
  • Each month is a general reading for that particular month and the influences that may be around it.


UK readings and any form of psychic work in the UK including tarot-scopes is considered to be for entertainment only and cannot be guaranteed. Readings, tarot-scopes and psychic work are not scientifically proven and are open to your own interpretation. Psychic readings and any form of psychic work cannot replace professional advice or opinion.

January 2011 -  14. Temperance.

Temperance encourages order, harmony and balance. Of mixing. It suggests that it is okay  to mix a little of one thing, with a little of something else, for example, balancing realism and reason, with your own intuition.

When we think of intuition and realism, sometimes the two do not merge together. Sometimes they can feel opposites; our realism tells us one thing, and yet our intuition another. This card then is also about making peace. About nurturing harmony, in relationships, in life, in work.  About being able to collaborate to find a solution, of finding a way to merge things together so that they flow and will not stagnate. Temperance is an Angel card. Love and care is important here. If you cannot see a way of doing this, ask for Angelic help through Divine Light and Love, for the Highest good of All concerned.
Suggested Tarot card Mantra: “I  choose Love, I choose harmony”.

February 2011 -  15. Devil.

This tarot card suggests experiencing a stubborn, sometimes selfish attitude, either yourself or from some one else. Sitting tight, restriction - but how long you sit, how long you restrict or are restricted for, is open to you. You do have a choice.

See the higher meaning in things, rather than what it at first glance, seems or appears to be. Time  for some reflection. What is the restrictions around you? Are you restricting others? Is something, or someone restricting you? Are you happy or content with this, or do you want to change it? Are you enjoying things that you want to do, and if so, how much? Is it too much?  Remember this is a year of 13, the cycle of sunset, and sun rise - of endings, and of beginnings. What is holding you back? Are you holding on to things for the sake of it?  Suggested mantra - I release love and peace. I am now free from all unhelpful energies. I am free to welcome all that is positive in my life”.

March 2011 -  16. Tower

This suggests sudden movement or change. There may be a bit  of an upset, strong emotions or even weariness. This is a tarot card that  heralds truth that can come out of the blue,  lies fall apart, suddenly revealed.   It can mean we may have to let go of thoughts, ideas and opinions that we long had held. The good news from the Tower though is that once truth is known, it is a new foundation from which to re-build -  “When one door shuts, another one opens”; “every cloud has a silver lining”. Suggested activity and mantra to help with transformation and change:  Om Mani Padme Hum” (Behold the jewel in the lotus). This is a mantra of peace, purity, wisdom. Reflect on the words, or simply repeat them to yourself a few times. Draw the words into your solar plexus. Try calm breathing - think of the words as you breathe  in, hold, then think of the words again as you breathe out.

April 2011:  The Star

Heralds an uplifted, brighter month, this card influences vitality, recognition, achievement, prospects, growth and potential; it suggests doors will open to ideas and opportunities. April 2011 may be the month when you can work towards your goals/hopes/dreams, or enjoy some success. Perhaps others are beginning to notice and reward you for your skills, abilities and attitude. The Star sometimes does not come quickly though; it is hard won. Life is a journey of endless possibilities.

This card follows the upheaval of the Tower card. Should you have felt displaced because of any changes that have occured, The Star’s influence may bring you comfort. The Star suggests that what ever changes occurred was for the best. Unexpected help may arrive, as if “heaven” sent.

Suggested activity: Consider
what are my good points?
What do I shine in or excel at?
What do I really enjoy about home/job/relationships?
What is it that makes me shine or that I can offer to others?
What are my dreams, ambitions, hopes? What steps can I now take towards them?

May 2011: The Moon

This may be a time when you need to think of realistic achievements. Sometimes we reach our dreams with tiny, realistic steps. Be creative, ( this is a great influence on the month if you are into art, music, poetry). Watch out for mood swings though - life can be a roller coaster!

The Moon is linked to to inspiration, to dreams - this may be a month where you are more aware intuitively. Listen carefully to your inner self, build in  moments of silence in the day where you can tap into your Higher Self. See what thoughts, messages come to you. Your own thoughts and ideas are just as important as other peoples. If you are female, think femininity, there is a Goddess somewhere within all of us! Consider wearing silver this month; silver is linked to the feminine, the colour of reflection, of intuition. Suggested mantra: “ I am filled with Love and Grace. I am nurtured in inspiration. I am part of the Greater Creation and have all I need within”.

June 2011 - The Sun

The Sun in tarot is often connected with children, so children may feature this month. All in all,  You seem to be brighter all around, health wise and emotionally; uplifted.  Enjoy life this month. Take time to practice being happy and having fun! Share  with those that are important to you - family, friends, partners. Bright prospects call, positivity may well abound. Stay connected to the Earth under your feet - enjoy, but be thankful for all that you are blessed with, even for the small things. Suggested activity: Giving blessings is a way of nurturing and welcoming more blessings into your life. Enjoy being kind, try to see the positive in those who are around you rather than the negative. Look at things from a new perspective - remember how in awe a young child is when they see things for the first time! Celebrate the beauty there is in life.

July 2011 Judgement

This tarot card is about re-birth, wisdom, reason and decision making. It can bring news, revelation,  second chances.  If you are in the healing professions, this may be an important month for you.

If there is anything you have been waiting to hear about, then you should be hearing news of them this month. Do your maths especially with finances. Check what is given to you and get things re-evaluated if necessary.  Is there anything that you have been putting off,  that you can now follow up  or  make a decision about?   

Are we judging others? What foundations do we have to make a decision? Are we being judged ourselves? Remember actions sometimes show more than words do.  As this is an Angel card, unconditional love comes to mind. Suggested mantra: “
I choose to send love. The Divine lives and breathes in all things”.

August 2011 - 21. The World.
A feeling of “well-being”, and being in balance within and without. Remember you are part of the Divine flow of loving energy that is all around you, and sometimes it is good to go with the flow on things.  August in the UK is the month of holidays, so that may be an option for you, to get away, perhaps a good month for a retreat if you are thinking of one. Be in harmony with those around you. In a relationship, do you choose harmony? Sometimes that means going with the flow, than making a stand which may create an argument.  Suggested activity: This is a card suggestive of contentment, good fortune, happiness and brightness, a card of flowing with the present. If you have time, google the World Card and print out an image of it that is free from copy=right. Put it with your wallet, bag, keys, or write out the words - place them somewhere so that you can see them regularly, to connect the positive  energy of the card and the words that are linked with it.

September 2011 - 22; number wise 22 is said to be deal. Perfection. There is no 22 in tarot although I tend to think of the most perfect card as being 0; as in The Fool, which to me is zero limits. But tarot card wise, this month is governed by 2 and 4, which is the Emperor and the High Priestess.

Both of these cards can have a link with inner  strength and wisdom. Sometimes perfection costs. Return to the inner sanctuary - i.e. yourself. Perhaps you may be being too rigid on things, or perhaps someone is being too rigid with you; you may even be feeling slightly alone sometimes, as opposed to “lonely”. What will it take to return to the perfection of “Zero limits”? Tap into source energy, inner wisdom or ask advice from qualified others. Gather what you need for right action.  There is opportunity in this month of having control over things. Of having a say. Of being listened to. It is just how to do it that may count. If you’ve been turned down for promotion, or for a pay rise, it may be a good thing - you may not know it yet, but that may be the case. What you can do, in the mean time, is to enquire what you can do for next time. Be pro-active if you can, rather than re-active.

October 2011 -  5. Hierophant

An interesting mix of energies this month. Lots of red and yellow energy here; for truthful communications, speed of things happening, wanting the best, working towards the best, getting things done...

Someone close to you may be batting for your side more and more now, or competing for your attention. Communication and moving things forward is a bit of a key this month, listening to people, and getting them to listen to you, (e.g. teaching / learning)  and doing things for the highest good. If things do come to a halt, make sure that your argument, or reason to get them pushed forward relates to love, compassion, understanding  - the highest good, think priorities but think of priorities for the good for all, be true in other words to that which is morally good. As long as you stay cool, and true to what is good, then that should be okay.

November 2011 - 6. Lovers

There is hope and attraction on the horizon this month. Please stay grounded; try wearing a mix of brown and pink, maybe some yellow or peach as they are non confrontational, loving, earthly colours. Being grounded is important when thinking of this tarot card. This Card can herald a choice with two very different options, and being grounded, knowing your own mind and why you choose it, is important because the options can be two very different paths.

Try to avoid any arguments this month. Linked to Angels the Lovers card may call you to nurture those around you. If you are in a relationship, concentrate on clear communication between the two of you. Consider the implications of one influencing the other. (Adam and Eve).

To attain balance, love and nurture yourself; the Angel in this card is Raphael, Angel of healing. There is a lot of healing imagery in this card. Healing can cover many aspects in our life and is not limited to physical healing. Suggested Activity: In your thoughts create a healing blanket of healing, loving energy. Wrap it around yourself and give thanks. Colour the blanket in hues of blue/purple/pink that is soft and comforting. Know that you are loved. Suggested mantra: “I attract what I wish to become. I radiate what I am. Love and beauty is within me. Love and beauty surrounds me. I choose beauty. I choose Love.” 1

December 2011 - 7 The Chariot

The Chariot is a card around movement, of success, but it is also one of boundaries. The reins of your life are firmly held in your hands, this is a blessing of knowing where you are, of  knowing what is behind you, and knowing where you want to go to. It is also a card of strength, mastery, and hard work.  If there is conflict of any sort around you, the Chariot says that you can overcome it. Self belief is important here. Knowing what it is that you want, and taking control of things, including money. It is a card of curbing things, before they have gone too far. Remain focused, especially on those things that concern yourself and your family. This card can also suggest a physical journey. If it is unexpected, be calm when you pack or plan it, make sure you have everything that you need. Consider the last year, where you are now, where you want to get to next year.
Suggested Mantra: “I continue to attract all that is good. I continue to follow the pathway of where I want to be. I am loved and guided by the Divine. I travel in peace and in light.”

If you wish a detailed tarot=scope for 2011 for yourself, birthdays are needed. This combines tarot energies for your birth with those energies within 2011 to give an individualised tarot view of the New Year.

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