Monday, 31 March 2008

Bad psychics.

I have had my second enquiry now in two days about curses. They are from people who are very upset and worried, unnecessarily, about being told by "readers" they have approached for a reading, that they are under some sort of curse.

Obviously this is also followed by "I can remove it for you at a cost of £.....".

This makes me so cross that I need to gather some love and light around me because no reader worth their salt is going to say to anyone that they have a curse upon them. Readings should be full of love and light, and up-liftment.

This isn't to say it should be full of predictions that sound lovely, but well, may be shall we say pulled out of a hat. Things not far off from "yes you will live in a lovely mansion, with Brad Pit and win the lottery" (or, if you are a man, that you will find someone who is the perfect woman and wife, win the lottery and sail the oceans in your own yacht.

The thing is there is a cost to all of this. Not just the money cost, but the cost in someone fretting and worrying to the point that their health suffers and they feel all is lost. They couldn't afford to pay the extra for the curse to be lifted. They feel all is lost now because no matter what they do, there is this curse.

Shame on readers who worry people like this. Shame on you!

Readers who do this are not working in love and light. Please, if you have a reading and someone tells you this, ask for your money back. Ask if they work in love and light. Ask them their qualifications as to why they know this. Tell them the only curse you have around you is that you phoned the wrong reader. Complain . Complain again. And, if they work for a company, phone them and ask for your money back and for you to be put through to a reader who acts more ethically.

There is a lot that can be said about this. And yes, I know that people can say there are good and bad spirits. Perhaps we should just say that spirits, like people, are themselves working towards the higher levels and some are higher up, spiritually, than others. I do think though that sometimes we can pick up negative vibes or negative energies that are left. I am sure there are lots in the children's home that has been in the news in Jersey. Sadness and ill doing are sure to leave some residue behind them.

I know there are people out there that disagree with me. We all are free, fortunately, in this country, to express our opinion. So this is mine. As a reader, as someone who has readings, as someone who has attended a spiritualist church since before I could speak. No one should be able to upset another human being in the way that these two people are upset and confused. It is not fair, nor right, nor ethical.

So please, if you are a person who has been told this, and perhaps you are in a spate of bad luck lately, take heart. It is not necessarily a curse.

There are ways you can work with Divine Love and Light, with the energies of the Cosmos, with spirit friends and Angel Guides, to build some comfort blocks around you, build positive energies around you and your home, and move forward in your life.

Is there such a thing as a curse? I am one that thinks words and thoughts have their own energies. So I guess that works in a positive way as much as in a negative way. My point is whether you believe in curses or not, to be asked for money up front to remove a so called "curse" when you have only asked for a reading is not, in my belief system, ethical or appropriate.

Any one that tells you that your aura is "broken", and they can mend it at a cost of £... is also to be viewed with some trepidation. Auras do reflect our health and our well-being. So it may not be as bright, or as well connected to us as it should be. But "broken"????

There are specialist workers out there such as SNU healers and qualified Reiki healers who can do aura work. Please bear in mind that we all have our specialities. A reader has their own skills and very few readers have gifts in all the spiritual areas.

Again please think of the quality of your reading. Could you relate to it? = how much information did you give to the reader? How did you come across them in the first place?

It is okay to be thoughtful looking for a reader. Perhaps ask a friend if they know of someone good. Perhaps if you are looking for a reading and it is your first time, think about visiting a Spiritualist church near you. You may not get a reading, but you will pick up on ways that people who are qualified SNU mediums, work. A medium is not necessarily a psychic reader. Perhaps all mediums are psychic in some way, but not all psychics are mediums.

Beware of the cost involved. If it is a premium rate number, think in advance how many minutes you want to spend. Be wary of the clock. The line should tell you anyway when you have reached a certain limit. If there is an upfront fee, that should be it. There should be no additional costs involved, unless you know that the person has various services that they offer for example, readings and distant healings. Then perhaps if they charge a fee for both then you know in advance that there are other services, at set fees and you are free to ask for more than one service if you would like to.

Many true healers offer distant healing at a small fee, some do it for free, others do it in exchange for a small donation. Spiritualist churches also offer healing sessions, just ask. There are also sites listed on my web site that you can contact to ask for healing, and many of those offer free services. There are also specialists in energy work, some charge fees, some are free, some ask for a donation.

Sometimes a "psychic" (I prefer the word "intuitive!" or "clairvoyant" cannot make a connection with you. So yes, ask for your money back if there is nothing you can relate to . That should be okay to do, ask if that is possible before you have your reading.

If an intuitive reader cannot make a connection, and they tell you so, please do not worry. It could be that their energies are low, that they are not well perhaps , not well enough to do a reading anyway.

Now I know there will be people out there who will disagree with what I am saying here. To me, in my humble opinion, the main thing is that your reader is being honest with you . They cannot for what ever reason make a connection with you and you have the option to phone back. It can happen, and it has happened with me as a reader; and it probably happens to a lot of intuitive readers.

However, a reader who reads cards according to text and background and history of the deck that they are using does not necessarily read intuitively. They rely on the meaning that the author/artist gave for the deck and the individual cards within the deck that they are reading. Therefore they should be able to read for anyone that asks them for a reading.

You see there are readers who read "psychically"; they tune in to your higher self and can pick up perhaps on your own intuition, so confirming really what you have been thinking of. Some read with spirit, in a spiritual way. Others as I have mentioned read by the history/background of the cards / gem stones or link in to the symbolism of colours. And pure mediums work with a spiritual guide who mediates between them and you, and your spirit guides and healers around you. Some readers use a little of all of the above.

Sadly there must be a few fake people out there who are none of the above but just make up things and charge a fee for doing so.

A good reader will let you have your money back or offer you an alternative reading, either with them or someone else. A good psychic company should do the same.

And please also think twice when someone says that they can "guarantee" they can get your lover back or get you the job of your dreams. Yes sometimes we can offer ways of working with the energies around us (like Cosmic Ordering, or Laws of Attraction). But it all should be for the highest Good of all concerned. This means that there are no guarantees, just ways of working with the energies in a positive way, to help to draw to you that which you are longing for, if it be for your highest Good. That is as it should be.


Beth said...

Hi Geanie,
I am also a psychic medium in the US. Recently I got 2 phone calls within one day of each other from ladies who had been to psychics. The first lady who I will call Muffin had gotten a reading from me recently. She got a reading at a festival in town with her friend, who received a reading from the psychic’s daughter. The psychic told her a few accurate things, then proceeded to tell her she had negativity around her. Muffin called me to ask me if I had sensed this around her also. Obviously the news scared and worried her. I told her no, if I had sensed that, and if her guides or loved ones thought it was important for her to know, they would have given me that information to pass along. I asked her about the psychic, if she felt she was authentic or not and Muffin said yes, she knew some things that were going on in her life. I then asked her if she wanted her to come back again for another reading to see if the negativity was gone or if she wanted more money to remove the negativity. She said the psychic asked for $25 more to pray for the negativity to go away. Muffin gave her the money.

The next phone call was from a lady in another state who was desperate. She finally figured out that the psychic she had been in contact with for months was a fraud and liar, and took a lot of money from “Joan”. The “psychic” of course told her things that made sense, then told her she could help her get her husband back. Of course this involved putting a box with dirt and other items under Joan’s bed, rituals, and lots and lots of money. The psychic told her that next month she would give Joan her money back, that she really didn’t need it because she did readings for the stars in Hollywood. Almost $2000 later Joan called the psychic and her phone had been disconnected. Joan cannot find her to get her money back. Did Joan get her husband back? HECK NO!

There are greedy psychics who use their abilities to place fear in you. Once they have scared you, they pounce. All they want is more money. I want to tell you something. I’ve seen on the internet and in magazines where psychics promise to return your lover to you, promise to cast spells to get you a job, etc. Guess what? They CAN’T! They cannot do that! No one can make a person do something against their own will. No one can “bring” anything to you except for you! You are the only one who can create things in your life, such as a job or boyfriend or husband. If your husband or boyfriend has left, think about it; do you really want someone back who doesn’t want to be with you? I know it hurts, but when someone or something is not good for us and we keep ignoring this, the universe has a way of removing them or it from our lives. You know why? Because there is someone better waiting to come along!

What I’m really trying to say is if a psychics lures you in to calling them because they promise you something, please know that they are only going to get you to keep calling them so they can get more of your money. If you go to a psychic and they say anything that scares you, run! Run as fast as you can because you know what is coming next! They will want more money to remove a curse or negativity or bad aura…you get my drift. Fear is not of God, just remember that. Fear is the opposite of love, so if a psychic puts fear in you, she is not of love.

I wish I could warn so many people that the fraudulent psychics have to stop what they are doing because they’re not getting any business! It’s such a shame for them to take advantage of people and take the money most of the people can’t afford to give. For those of you who have been to people like this, I’m so sorry, and please know that there are some good ones who truly want to help you. Just follow your gut instinct and you will find the one who is right for you.

Beth Berry

dogfaeriex5 said...

sweet gina~
where have you been?? i so miss you & need to know everything is okay...please contact me!

astrology said...

There are lots of love psychics out there that gives a really good readings and advice about this thing but what really matters is not the things that they tell us but on how we interpret those readings that they would be giving us. At the end of the day, it is still our decision. those advice and readings are just great guidelines that can help us. =)