Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Candlemass, Death, Sunset and Snowdrops

"When moon is in the 7th house

And Jupiter aligns with Mars

Then peace will guide the planets

And love will steer the stars"

This is part of the lyrics from the song "Age of Aquarius"....because we are coming up to the 14th of Feb, which many think of as the day when the New Age of Aquarius finqally arrives. Yesterday was the 2nd of Feb, a day when we wonder about Springtime -

The main message: Love and peace. And the promise of the New Dawn; - which arrives as we get our Valentine Cards!

I've been inspired for the picture and theme for this post today by a visit to my Knit and Natter group, who reminded me that yesterday was Candlemass, which marks 40 days after the birth of Jesus; it was also Groundhog day. We celebrated this by having Snowdrops on a table in the middle of our group, as we happily sat, knitting and chatting!

As Candlemass is in February, I thought I would link it all up with thinking about the tarot message for this month, which is linked to, in this year, number 13, Death, or if you are a Medicine Woman fan to the Sunset card; it is about endings, hope, resurection, the promise of rebirth. The new dawn; the promise of what is to come.

We have had a winter of troubles, haven't we. It seems that just about Economically, or personally, everyone has had a tough time over the last two or three months, with the sun setting, and the day clouded over so it is hard to see our way through; with the Snowdrops though, the New Moon, the Dawn of the New Age, and our tarot for Feb, we do have the promise of a new dawn, a new tomorrow, that Winter is nearing its' closure and that the new warmth, inspiration and energies of Sprintime is on it's way to us....

"My life is filled with promise and all my needs are met."

Yes, your life is filled with promise, and Cosmically, all your needs are met.

The Snowdrop though tells us that growth can come, that Spring's energy is just around the corner. I wish you their light, abundance and creativity, peace and love.

I wish you Happy Days. They are on their way. Your "life is filled with promise, and all your needs are met". You are much loved. A new dawn is coming.

love and light


dogfaeriex5 said...

ireally liked this post, sweet one...hugs to you..xo

death tarot for 2009 said...

I think the tarot card for this year is death, with the election of Obama we should have some change which is what the death tarot card means anyway.