Monday, 19 January 2009

The Hierophant and Obama

This is the dawning of the age of the Hierophant; Obama takes his office tomorrow, on a 5 day, the day of the Hierophant, leader, teacher, moral exemplar. Tomorrow also links in with the number 21, the World in tarot.

The world is in need of a great emplar, leader, teacher, its' troubles are many, and lately so many young lives have been lost, and we have seen great economic giants fall, and many others are in need of tlc and a bit of nursing, as they limp through the economic difficulties. As my frieds blog says though, "change is in the air". 5 is the number of change.

So our new President takes office on a day of change, ruled by the Hierophant, in a month when change is most badly needed in the World (21 in tarot, and tomorrow is the 20th day of the 1st month),

Obama's first name just adds zest to this memorable day, as it means "blessed". How incredible is that, a President taking office on a day ruled by the Hierophant...

I can hardly type. A new day, a new morn is dawning, by blessed Obama, as he leads us into 2012. The Outgoing President leaves us under the waning moon, hopefully all that was unhelpful energies, as in the economy, Iraq, Afghan, and Gaza, will wane too, as a new leader blessed by the Hierophant, takes the reigns of world Hope and leads us into the promise of 2012, towards Peace, Harmony, and a brighter, better world...

May love and light shine bright tomorrow as this man heads towards the White House...

Gina and Jackory

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