Thursday, 15 January 2009

let go 8 swords energies with the moon

Welcome - herb tea my friend, or a coffee? - It is Thursday, a time when the moon is disseminating, or reducing... a time of letting go, relinquishing things. We talked about the troubles shown in the 8 swords, and how it is a mind game issue, looking at release and finding our way around the troubles.

In the "Snow Cake", a book is found, with art work and writing. One of the pages says something like "We have only the present, the past is memories and the future fantasy". The past is often our memories which in turn, is our experience, or feelings, sometimes helpful or happy, sometimes not. The past is as long/short as you want it to be; last year, last month, last week, yesterday, a moment ago. Our present is this second, this moment in time.

How can we let go of unhelpful past? whether it is a memory, experience, event....A number of ways. You can try
1. writing down unhelpful energies like tiredness, sadness, anger, despair, on a piece of paper. You can write down a sentence like "I let go of ....." Some people may like to burn this safely until nothing is left, and then releasing it to the winds away from your home and garden.
Mediating on the 8 cups may help if you have circumstances around you, obstacles, problems that stop you from moving forward. Use the imagry on the 8 swords (I use the Waite deck for tarot). Look at each sword. What does each one stand for? It could be, for example, lack of money, an event, a circumstance, a row, a misunderstanding , and what unhelpful feelings /emotions are around you?
2. You may like to try this little meditation, you can use what you found out from looking at the 8 cups, and cross them off your list as you go...
a quiet room, breathing in and out 5 times (5 is for change). Ask your angel to be with you and to help you. See yourself with a bag of different coloured balloons. Think of one unhelpful energy, memory, experience, or feeling, and then blow up the balloon, imagining that you are filling up that balloon with this energy. Note the colour you have chosen. Was it red, black, yellow perhaps? Once you have blown up your balloon, tie it with a ribbon. Note the colour of the ribbon you chose. Was it the same colour, or different? Then, holding your balloon in your hands, you can let go of that eenergy by passing the balloon to your Angel, telling him / her that you release this trouble/feeling/experience to them. Hold out your balloon to your Angel, who takes the balloon and holds it for you. Turn again to your bag of balloons, is there another unhelpful feeling, energy, memory, ect you want to release? Do the same, bowing this into the next balloon, noting the colours and passing them to your Angel. When you have done, offer thanks for the opportunity to let go, and to your Angel for helping you. Your Angel now carries your balloons away, know that he/she carries these for you now and you can imagine your Angel letting go of the balloons so they float higher and higher, far away, and out of sight. Offer thanks, if you have your crossed off list, burn it somewhere safe, let the winds blow it away. Afterwards, spend a little time writing in a diary, journal, blog, those things that you are grateful for.

With love, light and wishing you peace
Gina and Jackory
Note: readings and anything metaphysical in the UK are for entertainment only; they cannot be guaranteed in any way.

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