Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Staying afloat with the 8 cups

I am writing this from "Serenity", my work corner, to give some updates.

The moon changes her appearance every 3 days or so; we are now moving out of the full moon phase, which means the moon will reduce in size. So it means a little time reflecting, not much action, a bit of conservtion work.

Reflectng on my 8 swords time:- the girl n the 8 cups has her castle behind her and is open to the air, water, and earth around her. The swords are related to air energy, so this mens that this is a mind set thing. Her hands are tied loosly, with a bandage type fabric that binds her body too, although her feet are free, and she does have shoes on. Her eyes are blindfolded; her head down, as if she is thinking, or trying to tune into what she can hear and sense. She s dressed in a simple, feminine rich orange full length dress, and she has a necklace on.

When I look at this image, it speaks to me of knowing who you are, making the most of what you have; the other interesting thing about it is that most of the swords are behind her, or to one side, with one to the left of her, slightly in front.

I am an intuitive reader, so for me this may mean that I don't want to see I have to go forward and things cant be as they were. It is also about positive thinking; conserving the energy of the orange within, and sensing. I've done the hearing bit, I need to sense a wee bit more to feel my way, as well as think my way, through. So there is a balance there that is needed. So you see, reflecting on the card helps to think of the guidance that card gives, as well as the situation.

Colour work: you will find my website changed colour wise. I have put in black, white, and red. Black is a bit of protection, a wee bit of conservation; red is for energy, life blood. The white - normally white has different associations; colours have to be a personal thing, for me I used the white to balance the deep black. Overall, they combine to add strength.

I looked for a card that to me pictured "serenity" to place that energy where I work. ´╝Žor me it was the Queen Of Pentacles. I hope to make a picture up of the Queen and place her in my work space, which is in quite a masculine area really, so hopefully once she is up, she will help to balance out the yin and the yang of Serenity Corner! It is important to me not to feel boxed in, so I face the room and the door way, not a wall! For those of you feeling restricted at work, you may not feel comfortable having taro cards, but it may be nice to put up a picture of you in a setting that you felt free and easy in, like an"on holiday" picture, or you could try an animal spirit that calls out freedom, a free spirt- like an eagle, or a horse. You could also try placing the word a screen saver, or writing it on a post it note and putting it up. Words carry energy, and vibrations, like pictures do; you can also just think of the word or make it up into a little mantra, like "Serenity is around me at work today". Serenity negates fear and uncertainty.

Please note that these are my ways of working through the situation at a level I feel comfortable with, taking into account the energies of the moment. In the UK, readings and working spiritually, or psychically, cannot and should not replace professional advice or opinion. Wishing you serenity, love and light
Gina and Jackory

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