Sunday, 11 January 2009


Dear Friends,
Okay. Your freephone psychic reader at is struggling. I hate to admit it, but I am. In several ways. Energy wise and cognitively, also spiritually. In all areas really. Circumstances have brought me to an 8 swords situation.... where my hands are tied, I'm blindfolded by others, and swords become obsticles in my way, preventing me from going forward.

And yes, I do have several hurdles, challenges, problems on the go at the moment.

One is Jackory,my dog, whose time with me I know is limited. I've known that for a few days now and feel he only has a few weeks. The problem is in the right energy looking after him, also in letting him go. Doing my best for him, so that he can journey on in his next big adventure whole, spiritually, knowing I am okay.

Then there is working. Or should I say trying to work. I have had to move where I work upstairs. I called it my corner, but it is not sending out much positive energy to the Cosmos don't you think.

Financially things are difficult too. I've also got my eye on a lovely red indian figure, plus a bottle of Kate Price's first perfum, that is a bit over sickly sweet when you spray it on, but after, is really comforting, uplifting and so feminine, and stays for ages afterwards. However, I've 3 big bills to pay, plus my car needs servicing, and 2 birthday celebrations in February. Plus my son in law is off to Afghan soon, so you can see I have to dig deep here. You can say, in the last few weeks, I've been not waving, but drowning.

Okay, so thats the problem. Or problems. The good news? Solving it. How? Well okay you can follow my progress.

I will be as honest as I can be. As you know nothing is guaranteed. But hey, we have our cards (and I have a fair few decks now to use!) plus, all our friends including our Divine Father, Mother Earth; the Cosmos, and the Moon.

Life tips for when you are not waving, but drowning:-

1. Take time out. I did. I tried really tried to work upstairs, but nothing seemed to "manifest". Nothing seemed to work. Not even trying to type something. So I relinquished the trying. It is 2009, the year of Tarot's Judgement. A time for digging into your faith, having patience, perhaps accepting others judgement, or considering your options before making a decision. And if "letting go" is part of that decision, being able to do that. I have had to "let go" of my old ways of working. I need to surrender at this moment and draw into my faith & patience, also perhaps looking to others (people, or other paths of enlightenment and understanding) to help me in that goal.

2. "inspiritation" (inspiration, but with a little action!)
With me inspiration was tv over the last 2 days. Worn out I sort of vegetated on the sofa with the tv on, the clue here is that inspiration (help) comes in many forms. Note it came once I'd "relinquished" by taking "time out" of the struggle.
  • I watched: "Snow Cake" ( a film about an adult with autism). The message for me was like the Hanged man in Tarot, which is to look at things from another perspective. In the film, the lady with autism, turned to things which made her happy. She knew what made her smile, and in turn passed that smile on to others.
  • I watched "Country File" today. It was about farming, using the moon to plan and work crops, with a farmer even ploughing by moon light so that the moon's energy drew all the goodness down into the soil... He worked by the moon cycles. The message for me was that the moon is feminine; linked to the Goddess. Being female, and with M.E., my energy levels go a bit up, stay about the same, or reduce or plunge. A bit of moon cycle work may help.
  • Friday's TV programme on living with no money; "Let" or "Timebank", is where you swop your talents / expertise / energy for other things but not money. It is simply an exchange of energy, or energy for an item, like food or something else. There is a young Canadian manwho set up his "red paper clip" web page to swop his desk paper clip for something bigger; 14 swops later he has ended up with a home to live in. A favourite quote of his from his web page is this, that you "have to think big". So if anyone wants to swop a mansion for a reading (okay lets get real, swop a reading for Katie Prices perfume, or the lovely Indian figure in Wendy's Enchanted shop in Ellesmere Port, then please let me know!)

More later. I've lit a candle today. Blessed my corner, which I now hereby name "Serenity". Also it is the time of the full moon, a time of letting go of things negative...

So to recap, in this 9 cards situation, I can still hear and sense. My weekend TV has been my hearing, which has helped me to untie my hands and loosen my blindfold. Now I just have to negotiate the swords. What tools do I use? January is the month of the Magician in tarot. My table will be my serenity corner; my tools? I choose:

1. my cards. 2. Archangel Metatron. 3. Divine Light and Love 4. Spirit guides 5. Meditations 6. Working with moon energy 7. Thinking outside the box (remember the magician in tarot?) 8. Colour work to help with drawing in happiness, upliftment and refreshment 9. The odd activity to allow me time to experience "being happy" as in "Snow Cake".

Wishing you love, light, energy, happiness, peace and Divine Grace
Gina and Jackoryx

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dogfaeriex5 said...

sweet geanie~
i am sending love, light and goodness your and jackorys way and i will enlist the faeries to do the same...much love from good manor..xo
ps..i wish we lived closer..