Thursday, 8 January 2009

New look Website

I am working on a new look website... and learning lots of things, like ading text to pictures, resizing them, and adding frames.

Yesterday hours went by and I still was not able to put the picture into the size I wanted. I went to bed, and asked for some help, and this morning I was able to save the picture into the size I wanted! Sometimes, when you ask, you are given the inspiration or the answer to your question. People sometimes do this with automatic writing, when you take a pen and a piece of paper, and ask the Cosmos, or Spirit, a question. You then pause, empty your mind if you can of your own thoughts, breathe, and wait. Then when your hand starts to move, you allow the pen to write. It can take practice, but you may be surprised... It is also what we do with the cards, too. It is a matter of asking while you hold the cards, and then dealing them out or stacking them and splitting the decks to select your card.

Love and light. Enjoy the magic of the cosmos!

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