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Happy New Year in Tarot - scopes!

January birthday:

A time of reflection. Try looking at things from the perspective of those around you. Reconsider for the good of the whole. Use brown or Tigers Eye which can help to give a sense of grounding and common sense. Use helpful imagry such as reflecting on a quality, or a gift, that would help those around you, socially, within the family, and at work. Imagine holding the gift, or quality, or simly think of the word- you can even write it on paper and hold it for your hands. Once you have reflected on this, and who it is for, imagine enhancing that gift with your love, with positive energies from you, and then, through Divine Light and Love, send it to the person you are thinking of.


You are coming to the end of one cycle and at the beginning of a new one. Like at school when we are at the final page of a copy book, we can look forward to the one that is to come, and the clean freshness that can hold promising things for us. The thing is to accept the changes, or cling on to the past. A brave newness dawns ...and with change can come rebirth, transformation, freedom. Colour = yellow for positivity and rebirth.


This is a time for equilibrium; if you think of it in terms of finance or boo keeping, it is a time to balance the books in all areas of your life. Ask for blessings in terms of making the most out of everything; however bear the good of the whole in mind, working towards benefiting the whole person, not just a part of the whole. Try to blend, or come to some sort of negation, with your ideas, experiences, intuition, wishes, dreams, and material resources.For some people there may be a move of professon to a caring or nursing environment, or perhaps in science, medication, alternative therapies. Colour - red, for vitality, energy, for drive and for a little bit of courage to help you to mix the resources you have to get the best outcome, and to help you to take action. This is a little bit like making a menu for a heartwarming and satisfying meal, with what you have in the larder and the energies you have to cook with. It takes patience, adjustment, blending, mixing. You know what you want at the end of the day, you just need to help it along with a little work .


This may be a tme when you have to sort out truth from fiction; find out your rights, listen to your responsiilities, and think about making changes for the better. Your intuition is one thing, but the reality of the practical day to day existence needs attention. What is stopping you from moving forward? This can be a limiting career, perhaps finances, perhaps a relationship that is not as it should be. This then is about control; who does the controlling, and how to work free from the situation, even if it is just to escape from the rut that you feel you may be in. You can choose to stay in the rut, or choose to work your way out of it. Colours: choosefrom a rich vibrant indigo violet, or perhaps black. Both offer some protection and some security. If you choose the black, mix it with some indigo or white, as you dont want to disappear down a black dark tunnel, but find your way out to sunshine, harmony and freedom. You may not have the energies to do this, or even the financial where withall, so consider flow dreaming cosmic ordering, writing a journal with positivity, gratitude for all the positive things in your life. Little by little, take back the reins of your life.


You know there is a saying that "everything hurt can be restored again". Restored does not necessarily mean as it was before; it can mean improvements, or simply putting things together again so that it can function, and work, for the time being until something is found that can replace or enhance it. In other words, there may be some times when you may need to pick yourself up, dust yourself down, and maybe rest for a bit, or start all over again. Now sometimes things happen beyond our capabilities. Beyond our reasoning, beyond our control. Sometimes though things happen to us, and what comes to mind is "beware what you wish for". So if things are not going well, take a step back for now. Think about rebuilding a structure around you, or a platform that you can stand unaided on. Rethink what you need. So if this is a relationship falling about you like a pack of cards, think how to rebuild a good strong relationship. Concentrate on what you want / deserve, rather than that which is falling around you, even if it is in a day dream, or in your journal. Sometimes things happen for a reason.... Colours: silver, gold, for intuition- light attracts light.


A time to sparkle, to enjoy being recognied for all the hard work and enthuiasm you have been putting into things, a time not just to realise your dreams, but to enjoy them too. To nurture all that is good aroun you. Newness of health, vitality, wholesomeness... Offer thanks for everything good, positive and helpful that is around you now, and give bck, something if you can, even if it s a selection of old but loved books tht you no longer have space for, to pass on to the charity shop, or take some of your flowers from your garden to a neighbour, or maybe give some of your time to a group needing some of your talents and help. Recycle all that is good - it is nice, and good, to share all the lovely flowing energies around you right now! Colour - blue, for order, calmness tranquility, peace.


Your intuition, dreams, spirituality- make use of them. Develop them, turn to them for resurgance of spirit, strength, body and mind. Lavender is a lovely colour to draw to you spiritual peace and upliftment. Do not be afraid to ask for spiritual guidance or support at this time... Do not forget that you do not just have your own energies or spirituality to guide you but the experiences and help from the older generation too. If you have a yearning to do astrology, cards, or some other form of spiritual learning consider actually taking this opportunity of the new spiritual pathway that can open up this year for you.


This should be a time of feeling better, with renewed vigour, energies, outlook. It is a year when Spring time energies should be opening up doors and providing you with new exeperiences - perhaps even the long awaited pregnancy or birth; there should be good news in most areas of your life in some shape or form. Bring to the fore a way of thinking that is new, and uncomplicated; children can often get to the heart of things quickly. Make your peace with anyone that you have been falling out with; enjoy the sunshine of life, but strike balance between work, rest and play. Colours: leaf green for growth and fertility of things helpful and good.


A better year, when you will see at last some good that has come out of the toughness of past struggles. A time also though for using your judgement for the better good, of putting into action lessons leart. Overall a better time; one that you can also use as a bit of a harvest for the future; so f you do have a bit extra in terms of savings or income, use your judgement, put it to good use and try and keep a reserve for future times. This could also be a year when you move home, move job, go to pastures new. You have learnt new wisdom now and aquired new knowledge that you never had before, which will help and benefit you. A more mature you really rises from previous experiences. It may not all be rosy, but you should be able to use your own disernment and judgement to navigate through this year. Colours - white, with a hint of rose pink, as you need to wrap yourself up in love - remember, you are a child of the universe, and you are much loved. Offer thanks for the resurgence that you feel - just the action of putting some white or pink roses in a bowl and as you place each one, offer thanks for each new quality. opportunity, or energy that you feel is in your life right now.


The aim should be balance, harmony, melody, keeping things going, and enjoyment the moment. You may find yourself the centre of attraction, so this may be a time of a renewed love, either within a current relationship, or perhaps a new love to come. It may be a time of getting maried, or even attending a wedding, and finding your world just zings into place, like you have found the missing piece of the jigsaw. At home bring in this balance and harmony; make your home work for you, not the other way around. Sameat work, keep things ticking over. This is a time also for rewards and to apply for that grant you have been hoping to get; a time to link up with friends and to enjoy what life has to offer you, within the balance and harmony that should be there for you thi year. Know that there is guidance for you from above; if you have lost someone, know that they are not lost, but can be with you in this moment in a spiritual way. Like an eagle, you can become the centre of your landscape and yet have the ability to see it from on high, so you can see the whole picture as well as be part of it. Know that you have strength, be proud of your achievements.... enjoy yourself creatively, and feel able to exress yourelf in a creative way too. Aim for keeping balance and harmony, keeping your self expression - colours, pale blue for serenity, the flow and movement of the ocean, and the freedom of the skies.


It is a good idea to have balance in everything, but you may find or need to find, more opportunities for concentrating on relationships and family life. This may mean you cannot afford to shy away from taking the father/mother stand with children, overall this is a time perhasps when responsibility calls. Work wise, this can mean a promotion, taking charge of things you may have delegated to others, being the peace maker or putting things in order. Mix a little kindness in by listening to others, but at the end of the day you need to do what is morally best. You may find this role a little lonely, but it just needs to be done, after all every ship on the ocean needs a catain to know what direction to go in, else there is the danger of the rocks and unknown waters. Colours - rich autumn browns, golds - think shades of a lion's mane and you wont go far wrong!


Devote more time to what you love to do, and try to share it with others.

Work more on building better communication, or building bridges, with those people who are important to you.

This is Adam and Eve time, a time to work on relationships or be open to love and romance. Being open to love and romance does not mean concentrating on the fact that you are not in a relationship; it means taking opportunities or building the energies that speak out to others that yes, you are a wonderful, attractive, lovable human being that they just cannot wait to get to know! Think Mills and Boon, think Happy Endings, think unepected meetings with someone who can bring in some passion and romance. For those currently in a relationship, a new freshness in love, passion, romance and communication or time spent as a couple is important. Colours - burgundy,think rich velvety colours of red wine!-

Note: UK readings and taroscopes are purely for entertainment purposes only, and cannot be scientifically proven, nor should they take the place of professional advice or opinion.

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