Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Healing Homes

I spent part of today having a look at some houses that are for sale. They were, sadly those that had been vacated because they had been repossed. Some were in a state of neglect, others had been partly remodernised but for some reason the repairs had not been completed; they were sort of half done, half not.

One house had a lovely feel to it downstairs, but not upstairs. The feel upstairs was sort of uneasy; like for example how we feel when we speak or have to be amongst people we dont know. The second house just felt cold, unloved, even sort of unconmunicative.

If we think about it, many of us spend years in a home, and the years bring happiness, sometimes sadness, sometimes anger, sometimes ill health. The energy of us is within us and without us, so it stands to reason some of it is within a home. And if we think about it, a home is built by someone. Repair men bring in their energies too. Whilst writing this I'm thinking a comment made on a t.v. programme about spirits/ghosts. A question was asked of our young teenage mediums, as to whether a ghost is the same as a spirit. They  answered, I think my memory serves me right on this one, that they think of a spirit as a spiritual being, and of  a ghost as an echo of a memory or an echo of  their energy.

One of the definitions of Reiki, according to the Reiki association is that it originates from Japan, "meaning Universal Life Energy, an energy which is all around us".

Okay so many of us know about things like "house cleansing"; "space clearing" and some are familiar with feng shui, when we work on the "chi" within the home. But what about doing some cleansing and then some healing, sending out energy, and love to our homes?

1. For house cleansing, - this is a very quick summary of some of the things that I do at home. Now specially is a good time as we are coming up to the first day of spring. So we could open our windows in our home, walk around it, making sure we visit spaces like under the stairs, visit areas like entrances (back and front); include rooms like the kitchen, bathroom, and spaces like the landings, and the hallway, and the stairs.
You can take a light with you (one of those lovely "candles" that you dont light, but light up with a battery is a safe option); burn some incense, or smudge.  Walk around and send love and light to the home as you walk, asking that any unhelpful energies go so only love and light remain. You can work with one of the angel guides if you wish, such as Archangel Murial, Archangel Metatron.

2. Maybe follow with some spring cleaning, clearing out clutter, maybe some painting.

3. House reiki - house blessing, house healing, house loving.  One of the things I most loved about a book by Joe Vitale, Zero Limits, is the idea of talking to your home and loving it. In fact even asking it if it has a name, whether it is male or female, happy or sad. You could maybe even cast a circle and sit in it, and chat to your home, see if it "chats" back to you. You could try maybe as you sit in the circle, sending love and light out to your home. You could maybe even practice some sitting yoga positions that bring about clarity and calm, like
Sukhasana to begin your "love the house" session - or simply ground, centre, breathe and when you are feeling calm and balanced, send out love and light to your home. Maybe in your thoughts, start in the room that you are in, and then mentally travel all around your home, sending those thoughts of wonderful healing energies throughout your home. You could even try picturing a dove, white for purity, and peace, and imagine the blessings of purity, peace and contentment being sent out to your home as you picture the dove flying from one room to another.

There is so much I feel that we can do to create balance and harmony in life. Life force energy is a wonderful thing, a blessed thing. Why not have a go and bless your home today? If you are cleaning, you can "love your home" or send love and peace as you work. There is lots more you can do - for more ideas phone me I am always happy to talk to you about life light energy work within the home.

With love and light
Gina and Jackoryx


dogfaeriex5 said...

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