Wednesday, 17 February 2010

The Hermit's Gifts (care of Greekwitch)

I just wanted to say thank you to Greekwitch, for her comments on The Hermit's post (below).  I was going to write about 2010's link up to the Empress / The Hanged Man, but Greekwitch has prompted me to journey with The Hermit's  card once again.
Odd with tarot is that you always notice new things. That one day they yell something and the next they yell something differently.  I was struck by the comment about nobility; and returned to the card (looking at the Rider White deck); and today what is most striking about him are two things. One; that the bowed head today says reverence; maybe even humility; and two that he presents the staff and lamp today as if they are gifts. The star shines out from the lamp; the staff is almost golden looking; and the edge to his cape today  reflects yellow and gold. The grey in his robes seems more silver today...

I also looked back to see what pathway brings us to the Hermit. Its strength 8. Maybe I am on the Hermit's pathway this year. It's been the end of one thing (strength and energy) and the beginning of another (not really known) for a long time now, and I've never quite had the Strength to handle what is new, as it seems so strange, and devoid of things that I used to know, rely upon and love. Maybe thats another reason why the snow on the card stands out to me today... no trees or vegetation, just mounds of snow the Hermit stands upon.   Or is the Hermit is on top of the mountain, looking down, and the little ridge to his left is the peak of a mountain below him?  Is he waiting for someone? Are the gifts of the staff and the lamp symbols for strength and light on the new pathway, which in this present landscape seems cold and wintery? Is the star that glows a symbol of hope to come, that brighter things are coming our way, but yet it's contained within the lamp. Do we have the choice to open the lamp and set the star free, (be at one with it) or is this a choice we have to make? - The lamp may warm the snow and make it melt. Then what is contained within the lamp is a working, effective tool, whether it is night time or day time. Snow reflects, so the light it gives is not all the gifts that is contained within the lamp; it is the star that gives out light and  heat.

I'm at the time of my passageway when youth and health as I knew it seem behind me. Things are changing for me and I have a vast amount of time now when I am alone and wonder what I should do with the energy I have left,  to fill the time. I like to be productive if I can. I guess I can view this as my wintertime.  I'm reminded of  Narnia, you know when it "is always winter".  It seems this card is talking to me (should I say nagging?) I need to reflect on it at this time in my pathway. Seasons are after all out of our hands aren't they. It's what we do in them, what we make of the seasons, that we have choices about. Perhaps this is a time of destiny for me. Maybe I even created this destiny myself, further down on my walk. Maybe I lost the spirit, the star that shines, but yet in this world, all things are not lost, they are simply found again, sometimes  in another time, in another place, sometimes in another season of our life.

Snow often dulls noises as well doesn't it. So perhaps, at this time, which to me feels a bit like the start of  "winter" in my life path, perhpas is a time of guidance for me. Divine leading the way. There is blessings, hope, creativity, brightness.  Maybe this "winter" that I am travelling in has gifts for me, and it is up to me to take it or not; to use it or not; to perhaps follow, develop, even growing wiser, if I choose to do so, becoming more spiritually aware (and therefore, setting the star free and be at one with it). So perhaps this is not the start of winter, although it appears to be so. Prehaps it is the start of a new and inspired Spring.

I don't think its a swfit card this one. Maybe the Hermit tells us to linger. Maybe he tells us the road ahead is not fast or clear.  A snowy landscape often hides landmarks known and familiar. White is often for a new start isnt it. And what follows the Hermit? The Wheel of Fortune. A card of movement. This to me has loads of meanings. Compass, direction, balance, struggle/gain, success/dissapointment;  what goes around comes around, luck, opportunity is what you make of it, are just a few of things that come to my mind with this card.

To me if you think about the Hermit  as Merlin, I do not think this Ascended Master would trap a star or lock in spirit, dreams, opportunities to shine within such a small place. Would he not prefer to let it shine, in its own right, freely? But perhaps it is contained as it is a gift maybe.  To be given back to the rightful person at the right time.  It is not his to set free maybe, but theirs, the person he is handing it to. Perhaps he is even the caretaker of it. Perhaps, as I've suggested,  it was once lost, and he found it and looked after it.  Another possibility, is that within the lamp is his spirit, his Higher Self, as a guide, healer, creator, magician, (the Divine maybe that Greekwitch talks about) and he offers it to us as a means of support. Maybe its knowledge, truth, he has in that lamp.

To me though it says that maybe I'm restricted energy wise and age wise, but my hopes/ambitions/dreams, life force energy is still there shining bright. Maybe it is contained, restricted for now. Maybe it's up to me to set it free. Maybe the staff is for me, to literally lean on and depend upon as I step foward on this new pathway, one which I never planned to have or would have chosen.   If you think about it snow just covers anyway. Then it melts. Given time, and a bit of warmth.  Maybe the Hermit says I am being looked after and that this time is winter, but temporarily so.  Perhaps I am given the light and inspiration to melt winter. Narnia after all with help from the Divine's guidance rejoiced again in the vibrancy, energy, colour and spirit of the Spring.

In someways the Age of the Hermit brings me a bit of rejuvination today. Thank you Greekwitch, for the inspiration to look at this card for me today. I am going to print it out and  put it  on to my bag, to journey with me for the time being, to allow him to chat to me some more.

Thank you for inspirational blessings of the Hermit, Greekwitch. 
with love and light
Gina and Jackory.

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