Friday, 28 March 2008

Spring - new babies???

I have had a small number of people ring me to ask if I can see a new baby on the way to them; new life is always a special thing to look forward too, and as a Mum and a Nan, I know how precious it is to hold a new baby and to welcome them into the world.

As you know, I am mostly a reader for the present, and am not usually one for giving a list of predictions of medium / long term events. There are readers who are very gifted at that, but sadly it is not one of my skills. However I do believe in working on those things we want to draw to ourselves with the energies of the universe, and so if you are a mum - to - be in waiting , or a Dad to-be-in waiting, perhaps you may like to try one of the ways of working with the Universe to encourage a new baby into your world.

When working with the universe around us, we must always ask through Divine Love and Light, for the highest good for all concerned. And afterwards, always give thanks.

We can work with the Cosmos, our Angel guides and the Ascended Masters, also by colour, cyrstals, feng shui, tarot etc.

1. Crystals.Many people love their crystals and the properties that they bring. You can buy crystals at specialst crystal shops or at Mind Body Spirit Fairs. Crystals that help with fertility and children are:a. Lingham Shiva stone. This is hard to get as they come from one area of India. They are renowned for fertility and often come in egg shapes.b. Cornelian (for the sacral chakra)c. Or try Chyrsoprased, amethyst, smoky quartz or rose quartz (look for egg shapes if possible). Again choose the one that calls to you.

You may like to select a number of these stones, choosing the ones which you are attracted to and place them in the West area of your bedroom. Holding these stones for a few moments if you meditate would be great. Also you may like to place the Shiva stone under your bed.

2. Ascended Masters. You may not have heard of Ascended Masters. Ascended Masters work with Divine Light and Love as we approach 2012 and beyond... Ascended Masters that you may like to meditate or call upon for help with children and fertility, through Divine Light and Love are:Quan Yin, Lady Nada and Mother Mary. You can find pictures of these Ascended Masters on the internet; Quan Yin is often pictured with her vase of the Water of Life. You may like to select some pictures you like and put them together in a frame and have them in a room where you often sit, or perhaps the kitchen/dining area of your home. You can perhaps place one of their pictures with a crystal from above. When asking, ask through Divine Light and Love, for the Highest Good for all concerned. Ask in a way that confirms that what you are asking is all ready on the way to you, rather than in a way which confirms you are lacking it. Eg. I know that ...... is already on his/her way to me through Divine Light and Love and I ask for your help in their safe arrival ect ect.... Thank you for your blessing.....I am sure you will be able to find your own words though that you feel comfortable with.

3. Archangel Metatron works with mothers to be; children, and children who are waiting to be born; try meditating with Metatron, or sending a prayer to him through Divine Light and Love. You can also use the crystals too when calling on Metatron.

4. The Empress card from Tarot. You can look up the Empress card on the net; I like the picture from the Universal Waite tarot deck. You may like to look it up on the net and carry a picture of this card in your bag or place it under your pillow. The Empress to me is a bit like Mother Gaia, Earth Mother really.

5. Animal spirits for fertility and new life: these are not the beautiful animals that we are often drawn to, but the list includes crocodile,goat, elephant, frog, fish and the bull. Again you may like to look these animal spirits up on the net and place a picture of one you are drawn to where you work maybe. Please bear in mind that elephant images/statues/ornaments doe not suit everyone. I know it sounds daft but they can change energies very quickly and can bring in difficulties rows ect. I am only speaking from my own experience here ; I would always think twice nowabout calling them to help, through Divine Love and Light, with anything other than removing obsticles in my way... Perhaps you may like to call upon Elephant to help you to remove any obsticles that are in your way to pregnancy and birth. Having said that, I am sure that others have had positive experiences with elephants. The message again - Go with what you are drawn to; for me I would be more drawn to the goat or to the frog.

You can call upon your animal spirits to help you through Divine Love and Light, for the Highest Good for all Concerned, to help in the safe arrival of baby. You can do this by meditation, imagining the animal, or perhaps you prefer to place a picture in your workplace/bag ect, or maybe getting in a few ornaments or life like statues of them, and every so often look at the picture and ask them to come to you to help you in a successful pregnancy.

6. Another way of working is a Feng Shui way - this can often work wonders. It is especially good to think about as you have recently moved house. Have alook at your front door. Is there any thing blocking the way, or pointing towards it?

It could be may a refuse bin, maybe a tree. Think about moving these so that your pathway entry to the front door is clear. The West areas of your home - which roooms are in the West? - have a think. The West is associated with children, so think about which rooms are in the West and what is in the West area of those rooms. Mother Gaia is earth energy, so enhance this area with anthying that comes from the earth such as metal objects like fans, sterios, stones / pebbles.

Check if there are any crowded draws or cupboards in the West, or if you have any waste bins and think about if they could be de cluttered or if a waste bin, moved away from that area.

If there is a bathroom in the West area, try shutting t the door when it isn't used. In the West bathroom, Make sure the light in there is bright and not dim. Avoid any fire objects in the West area, like electric fires, gas fires, candles, bright lamps, candles. Try Feng Shui symbols for fertility - try small dragons specially near to father to be! - also try the double fish feng shui sign in the SW corner of the room. Hollow bamboo is great, place it in the North sector of the bedroom.

There are different methods/schools of Feng Shui, and you may find the areas change according to the tradition of Feng Shui that you look at. If you are new to this there used to be a fabulous Feng Shui magazine but it is not around I don't think any more; perhaps you may like to look in your library for a few books and select one of their tips. The only other thing that you need if you do this and want to try some at home, is a compass to help you to judge the directions of each room, and the direction your house is facing.

I have tried this in my life and was surprised at the results, it can be very effective. It is best to do a little at a time, so I would recommend that for pregnancy / new baby, you look to your front door first; also think about your bedroom door, also any cluttered areas / fire objects in the West areas of your home and then try say one sign/symbols/animal spirit pictures. Please do a little at a time because energies are a very sensitive thing, so try not to do too much at once.

7. Colours - think about the colours in your bedroom, stay away from green or light blue colours. Warm colors can charge your bedroom with positive energy, like light purple; light pink; light yellow etc.

8. Our own energies - Sometimes when we most want something we can put out the wrong vibes or the wrong order and so, unknowingly, we can push them further out of our reach, or keep them on a waiting list because we keep on acknowledging the lack of them, rather than aknowledging they are on their way to us.

Our thoughts and words are really powerful energies that have ripple effects. A simple way of working with any negative thoughts ie "will it happen? or "its not happening" is to replace that thought with something more positive and affirmative ie. "For the Highest Good for all, xxxxx is already on the way to me, through Divine Love and Light".

Godlove, and may love and light bring to you the lovely baby you are seeking this year.
Please let me know if you try any of the above and have had any results!

love and light

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