Thursday, 28 February 2008

The Magician

A few days ago now, I had a dream about a tarot card. It was marked very clearly "The Magician", but it was not a card that I know from a specific deck, so if you know of the deck that has this card in it, would you please let me know!!!

This card was bigger than my normal cards. It was also shiny and was on thicker card. There was a beautiful bird on it, in colour. Not very bright colours, but pastal shades. I didn't recognise the bird, it was similar though to a Bird of Paradise with a long tail. At the bottom of the card was a single flower, I think it was a rose, but I can't be sure. The bird was by a big upright mirror. The wording on the bottom of the card read "The Magician". The bird's head was sideways on and it wasn't looking at the mirror directly.

Interestingly when I could, I went to Borders to look at the books. I opened up one on tarot and it fell immediately to the page of The Magician. Now I know this could be coincidence, or maybe someone might say it is "synchronicity", but I think perhaps I am meant to chew over this card this month anway.

I usually love this card; the Magician is number one in the Major Acana. He stands between heaven and earth and has all four elements at his disposal - earth, fire, water and air. So he has thought, emotion, life energy, and material tools to use.

The Magician is the Magi. It brings to mind Gandolf (Olorin) , otherwise Merlin. The background of the Magi can lead us to the 3 Wise Men who visited Jesus and brought with them gifts; the word Magi is linked to Magos. This word relates to a Priestly caste, leaders who had deep knowledge of religion, who interpreted dreams. They are also linked to astrology and maths. If we think Gandolf, Olorin or Merlin, we are linked to the owl - for wisdom, and sometimes too to the hour glass, which is timeless. We can upturn time and the sands will run through again.

This can be a card of new beginnings; more often than not though I will link it to the comforting knowledge that we have what is needed at the time. It may be to manifest what it is that is needed or wanted, it may be that we can draw on our own strengths and resources because they are there. It is to me a card of strength, bringing in heaven and earth which is at our disposal in the situation.

The Magician can stand for many things. It is a card of energy though (which is so welcome for me!). Figuritively, it can stand for a character. This can be doctor, scientist, lecturer, salesman - and yes, in a negative light it can also stand for a conman or a manipulator.

However my card that I saw in my dreams, did not hold all the elements of fire, water, earth and air. It held the bird and the mirror. Perhaps then this brings out the revelation side that the Magician card in tarot also has. Things will be revealed in due time. The only thing is if you think about the mirror, is that the image that looks back at you is reversed. The image that was by the mirror in my dream was a bird. Like the magician figure who links to heaven and earth, birds fly between heaven and earth. To me birds signifiy beauty, spirit, sometimes as well signify freedom or can be seen as message bearers.

I have never had a dream before about a card. So it strikes me that this card is particularly relevant for me now. Main messages that spring to mind for me - witness instead of judge; know that there is more to life than you realise; be quiet inside and out, hear emotional wisdom, sit back, watch, look, listen; act with confidence.

To me the Magician card is also linked to The Hermit. The Hermit is often linked to the star sign of Virgo; The Magician does not seem linked to any specific time astrologically probably due to all the four elements which cover all the Zodiac signs. However he is linked to the planet Mercury, which rules Virgo.

During February, there are two major events this year connected astrologically with Mercury and one connects well with the Magician. I found this by looking up this month with astrology, looking at

"Mercury conjuncts Venus on February 26, 2008. This is an excellent period for tabling futuristic schemes, dynamic plans, and for churning your portfolio in an attempt to boost returns on your investments. There could be exciting developments for those in love. Mercury remains within 2 to 3 degrees of Venus for the next 30 days or so, and this period is very auspicious for making fresh starts of any kind."

Wishing you love and light and may the energies of life and the universe abound with you.

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