Monday, 18 February 2008

Pet taroscopes

Being low on energies I've taken the article for todays post that I had on my website. I've added to it a little, but it seems appropriate to post it as we are coming up to March 1st, Spring being on it's way as is St. David's Day.

My Afghan boy, Logan, was born in Wales on St David's Day, 1st March, 2004. His tarot birth card number is 10. (0+1+0+3+2+0+0+4). It gives him two cards, the Wheel of Fortune and The Magician.

The tarot has links to Astrology, numerology and to the Tree of Life. In looking at the energies of Logan's birth tarot cards, we can build a " taroscope" for him.

Logan is quick to change from sleeping to having lots of energy; he cares for those about himby giving the odd glance when he is a little concerned for them. He can be a little mischievous and can be very child like, seeing the fun in situations and seizing opportunities to have fun.He is clever and can adapt from one situation to another, and will very quickly, almost instantly, take his chances to explore, have fun.

He can also knows how to manipulate and "magic" up what it is that he wants. This means he can do his sitting down impression of being gorgeous and irresistible and know that we know this means he wants a treat like a biscuit.

He can hide things that he has seen and taken a fancy too. He notices all the small things. Yet he has times when he seems to withdraw, he likes his own space at times. He is sensitive to his exterior world. His star sign is Pisces, so he knows if those around him are happy or upset. He is kind and caring but can get easily excited with unknown things and can be carried away with the momentum that is happening. He loves quiet music and can be a bit of a doggy "muse”...

As 2008 is a wheel of fortune year, this cards energy is quite important to him this year.
He is a master at making the most of things and can be clever, knowing how to manipulate situations to his liking! Because of this, and also because of his birth links to the Magician (control) and the Wheel of fortune (balance but also accepting) I.e. a bit of contrast there, he is not very good with any limitations thrust on him, so he really dislikes it when he is asked not to do something, or is placed in a situation where he is expected to conform (ie the dog groomers!!)

10 is about completeness, a circle has turned full cycle. It is also linked to manifestation, a harvest , but it is also about balance and the cycles of things. Logan does not have a problem with the change of seasons, but loves his home comforts and relishes his own “harvest” and he makes himself very comfortable at home. On Karmic level, this card is linked to violet, and to the planet Jupiter, so it too has a spiritual link to it, but this is also a card about clearing out old energies. Each day is new, the seasons are all new, Logan does sees the beauty in things and because of this he is very nosey, wanting to see what is behind the garden fence, and notices any new things that I bring home, very quickly.

If we take a deeper look into his character, it fits in too with the Emperor card (4). This links to the month and day Logan was born, and I can see the energies of the Emperor card coming in to play with Logan as he is often quite stubborn on things and likes to take command or at least look, as if he is in charge. He also does not like being fussed much and is content to come and say hello to you on his terms rather than you going over to him! It may also be behind his "guard" instinct; Afghans have not got a good write up as a guard dog but Logan is very much a vocal guard dog at home and will vocally warn if people approach. A bit like the Emperor, taking charge of his territory and letting people know he is around!

Interestingly the Magician is linked to heaven and earth. Communication wise, Logan seems to rrespond more to my thoughts than spoken commands or to hand signals. As he is connected to all life (the magician has before him all the life keys of the tarot) - Logan loves everyone, wanting to say hello to everyone who comes into contact with him. In a similar way, people who come into contact with him are drawn to him, because magicians after all do tend to draw our concentration to what they are doing.

If you would like your pet's taro scope doing, please send in your pet's name, their birthday and l do a pet tarot scope for you! You are welcome to enclose a picture so they can have their Taro-scope listed here.

Wishing you love and light

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