Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Being Thankful

In recent days my energy levels have been very low and this has had an impact and I am catching up slowly with a bit of a wait list. It is hard when things are hard literally to do, to keep my manifestation of love and light around me. Or even to think about things that I should be grateful for!

Can a card spread help us to use the Laws of Attraction, or Cosmic Ordering, to manifest what is lacking, and suggest those things that we should be grateful for?

Okay the spread I want to do is the one with the 12 cards, which is based loosly on the horoscope spread if you like, but I've adapted it for me. And as my energy levels is a bit low today I've ammended it to cover 9 areas of my life.

Okay, my spread. And the tips it gives me for working with the Cosmos and the Laws of Attraction:

1. Love and Relationships: I pulled The Magician. I think this card is telling me that through working on a relationship in a spiritual way I have changed things, and to be grateful for it. I also am drawn to the eternal figure 8 sign above his head. The tools that I need to work at this relationship are always at hand, and I need to give thanks for them.

2 Work - The Page of Pentacles. I should expect good news on the work front which is nice, avoid negative thoughts. Think positively. Value what I can do and what is coming its way to me. Be expectant for good things here.

3 Home and family - The Fool. This has the biggest message for me so far. There are new beginnings at foot for my family and some of them I haven't had positive thoughts about. So I need to be grateful for the new start for the members of my family and also list all the positive things that are there for them. They will be by the sea and by a big forest; they are not far from a big shopping area and there is a good nursery near by for my grandson. They will be going to a land full of folk law, fairies and leprachauns - magic abounds and I should wish them on their way with a glad heart.

4 Partner: Okay I wasn't planning a Partner card, but this comes in my mind before I turn over the next card which comes after the Fool. It's the 9 swords, upturned though.... thankfully I think I have done my crying a year or so back! This card, even upturned, carries with it negative aspects such as doubt. However when you look at the card it shows someone in bed holding their forehead in their hands; the swords lie horizontal above her. So with the laws of attraction in mind, I need to not waste energy on thoughts that have no solid foundation. Instead I need to know everything is in hand. The Cosmos gives us what we think. We get what we think about whether we want it or not. So having surety in mind will help. I need to be sure about what I know about.I need to let go of negative, or ven painful thoughts because I don't know if they are real things I need to worry about. They are simply niggling doubts that waste energy. I don't need to face it because it isn't there , but may be will be if I think about it too much! If I transfer this to my partner, it means to keep him positive and encourage him to spend energy on what he knows about and let go of those things he worries about which have no firm foundation.

5. Dogs. Ace of Cups. Give thanks for their health and wellbeing. I like this card in the area of my life that concerns my dogs. I would like to work eventually in animal communication, so this would be great. I will put this on my Cosmic Ordering list for today.

6. Money. Give thanks for money coming in. I know this card means other things not as positive as giving thanks, but remember, we are talking about cards helping us to work within the Laws of Attraction and Cosmic Ordering. And if we think about it, if we are working with money coming in, we need to be careful to with what money we are spending. So I need to be wise really and know that the Cosmos can provide for my needs. So when ordering in money terms, I need to ensure I give thanks for this and know that my needs will be met (as opposed to my wants for now, anyway!)

7. What I need to focus on. Knight of Cups. This is reversed. I have a number of reversed cards today which is unusual with me as I make sure all my cards stay upright, it is just that as I have selected them and picked out my twelve cards, in that process some of them have become reversed. I need to re-affirm my truths. Work to my morals. I need to give thanks, knowing that I am much looked after and loved by Spirit and the Divine (God). I need to reaffirm that I am loved and that I am secure.

8. Inspiration.Qeen of cups! Another card with water - interesting. It comes after the Knight, so again I think inspiration will come when I have re-established love and security and given thanks for it. Inspiration could come from a female friend; which will encourage me to give thanks for each of my female friends and to ask the Cosmos to allow their wisdom to come forward. Again though it can also indicate romance, relationships, emotions. So perhaps my inspiration, new ideas / ways of working is in this area. Again I need to give thanks for the spiritual help and guides that work with me and be open to inspiration for this area.

9. Security. I pulled "Death". This is a card of new beginnings. It can sometimes mean a loss, but more often than not it is new beginnings, the end of one thing and the start of new.

I need to give thanks for new opportunities. Interestingly it is part of the Wayne Dyer's show today that I heard on Hay House. About being thankful even when you are challenged, or even when you have to face thoughts of self doubt or betrayal, as this so often means the end of one thing, whether it is our thoughts, or something more real like our situations, and the start of something new. And in doing so I can move on positively. It then becomes a card of strength and a good one to have in mind as the month of February progresses.

One of the first rules of manifesting things, the right positive things in your life, is to be grateful. Living in grateful acceptance. Wayne Dyer (see his show on Hay House radio) today came up with an inspirational show again that touched my heart. He invariably touches my heart and soul every time I listen to him and his show has inspired me for todays blog. Hope you enjoy it, and if you have a pack of cards and want to see what they say for working with the Cosmos!

love and light

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