Sunday, 20 January 2008

Fortune v fortune telling

Do tarot cards tell your fortune? - They do shed light on events which are likely to pass you and yours as you travel on your life path, however to me they are much more than simple fortune telling tools.

Many people read cards differently. If you have a reading from me, please think of it as a life light not simply as a reading of predictions. I do not give a list of predictions to come in my reading. Like a growing number of people I believe in the energy of words and thoughts, Laws of Attraction for example and the Cosmic Ordering Service. Words do have energy.

I looked at my cards for me the other evening to see how I can improve things with one person and was intrigued when the Sun card appeared shining brightly. On one hand the Sun is a positive card, youthful energy; hints of late summer with the sun high in the sky. Things are reaching maturity; success is here or on it's way. Things are going to go okay. On the other hand, too much sun can suggest burn out - it just depends what the other cards say in the lay out.

Sometimes the Sun can also mean a baby to come. A much loved wanted baby. - However I am much past my baby years sadly.... so for me, in terms of the relationship I queried, what could this card mean?

I decided I would take the baby image and the happiness feel of this card as a message. What do new babies need? Care, attention, love, more fun, less seriousness - play...smiles. A bit of tlc. So maybe I needed to plough that into the relationship I queried; after all I did ask a question which was "how can I improve the relationship". And when you think about it, babies often when they reach a certain age, mimic the faces that their mothers show them, smile for a smile ect. So perhaps, if I keep happy, positive, caring, the other person will reflect that too.

This is an example of one way that cards can shed light on so much more than predictions.

Please if you have a reading, think of some questions that you can ask at the end. "What ways can I improve this," for example.

love and light.... stardust nights and sunbeam days....


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