Monday, 14 January 2008

Animal spirits

I have a very much loved pack of cards called Animal Spirits Knowledge Cards by Susan Seddon Boulet. They are incredible works of art in their own right, and are full of wonderful rich colours.

In readings I often draw upon their messages. Sometimes I am given an animal in my minds eye for the person I am reading for; often though it is more of a symbol to bring them some quality or service that the animal represents. Sometimes, an animal is for a memory...

If anyone asks me if an animal has a spirit, I would say yes. My two dogs are both wonderful but very different spirits. My beautiful beloved Jack is full of devotion, service and loyalty; and proud boy Logan brings in humour and a laid back approach to life. The two cats we have are very different; one is utterly trusting and very calm and brings in a sense of peace. The other is much more watchful and enjoys playtimes.

There are several animal communicators around who are able to communicate with pets that are at home and you want to find out what they think, or how they are feeling. There are also animal communicators who may be able to give you the location of a pet who has gone missing, or perhaps bring you a message from a pet who has gone to Rainbow Bridge.

One of my favourite books is by Helen Weaver. "The DAisy Sutra"
I ordered Helen's book from her website, paying for it through paypal. It arrived only two or three days later, not bad from the States! - I read it in 2 days. Most of which was through several well used hankerchiefs, but loved the message that the book gave. That message was that I am okay, Mum. I might have left you in my animal body, but I am still around,
sending you love, and I am okay.

I am convinced animals have a spirit. And as such, I think yes they are receptive to healing. They are receptive to crystals. And they are receptive to our thoughts.

Logan is a real big boy. Although not overweight, he is tall and has a lot of muscle. If he wants to go somewhere, or decides to halt whenever I am trying to take him for a walk, it can create problems.

In the process of recovery from ME my days are full of ups and downs energy wise. After reading Helen's book, I decided I would try and chat to Logan. I told him, in my thoughts, that I did not have the energy to walk quickly and that he needed to walk by myside. I had the image of him walking really nicely by my side without any pulls at all.

I did try this more than once and my walks with the two of them are easier. Jack is much more receptive to spoken words and signals, but he has had years of dog clubs behind him in my "well days" to achieve that! Logan hasn't as he was a puppy, not more than 10 months when I first became poorly. Logan is much more recpetive to thoughts, and to images.

I sometimes see the cats that we have gone on to Rainbow Bridge, a fleeting glimpse sometimes. Usually it is in the kitchen or our front room.

Do animals reincarnate? Well Helen says that Daisy has told her, yes they can do. They can also have jobs to do in the spirit world. I think that is nice. I often wonder if we humans can come back as animals to learn something or to experience something as an animal.

A meditation / prayer: Peace
If you want to establish a little more peace and harmony, one of my favourite images is a dove. I hold the dove in my hands, sending it peace and love and then allow it to fly. In my mind I watch it visit and circle every hallway and room of my home, and the garden/yard outside. I imagine it bring new peace and harmony to my home. You can always use this image to mentally send to someone who perhaps you wish to "make peace" with, or help them to find their way home again.

A meditation/ prayer: for children.
My child is a young adult now with a baby of her own. But when I know or feel she could do with a little guidance or protection, I ask for an angel to be with her and mentally in my mind imagine one of our dogs with her. Dogs are for protection and service; so I ask that the dog will help her with what ever is needed. To help her find her way, to be with her when she is travelling home alone in the car.

Thankfully our world is full of animal spirits. Those who walk with us, and those who wait for us or who work for us from Rainbow Bridge. I can't imagine a world without them. They make it a more beautiful world and I am always learning from them.

Love and light

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