Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Our children in spirit

There has been some sad news recently of children who have been tragically lost in accidents since Christmas. My heart goes out to them all. My heartfelt love and affection is sent to all concerned. There is little comfort really to be had, other than knowing that they go to a lovely place full of love and comfort, but missing them well the pain must be tremendous.

A year or so ago I penned some thoughts about this and hope it brings a little comfort or a smile to someone -

The world revolves and the seasons
they roll their magic on.
yet for some the special times
are never here for long, but you know
their spirit lingers on -
In summer rainbows and through sunlit rays
echoes of special smiles sparkle back at you,
And in the cooler Autumn breeze
Within the shades of reds and browns
memories of their golden heart
loving unconditionally -
When winter calls and snow falls,
you can still catch their joy, giggle sprinkled
and when warm spring wraps in her arms
new borns under skies as blue as can be
their wonder of everyday life
is every where to see - and where you walk,
their special love and a life lived true
Will always comfort you.

love and light

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