Sunday, 30 December 2007

Tarot-scope for 2008

2008 links to card ten of the Major Acana, The Wheel of Fortune.

This card brings in luck, change, fortune, abundance, happiness, elevation - but it is a card of movement. 2008 may well bring in changes that just happen, changes though that can bring benefits that were not expected.

This is a card then for those of you who says "it is about time something good happened to me." . Expect something good. This is a card of movement, change and evolution, with that unexpected extra money coming in, the new job that just arrives, an unexpected promotion, that special person in your life that brings about great comfort and love - a chance meeting that brings benefits. That phone call with good news. The breaks that you just would love specially in a difficult, hard year. Karmic payback perhaps. What goes around, comes round.

The letters on the wheel spell out " Tarot" as the wheel turns this can be Rota. In other words, 2008 is a year of a rota. Our time will come. Changes can just happen and all of us can expect that little bit of good fortune to come wheeling its way to us.

Wheels do sometimes do a full turn, so this is a year perhaps when a new cycle begins for many people, with new starts in areas of their lives for example, job, home, relationships.
If you look at the astrological links, this card can be linked to Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius. A time for new beginnings maybe.

Significant dates: looking at the card and it’s links to numbers, important months could be September and October, and numbers / dates could be 10, 21 and 9.

Whereas this card can also bring a few ups and downs with it, the essence is of spirituality which is constant. Forever there. The good fortune link is strong on this card, so perhaps in 2008 this really is a good year for us all to remember the Laws of Attraction, Cosmic ordering, and so on. Wheels after all are turned by energy, and in this card it seems to be the Cosmos that is the energy behind the Wheel.

Have faith then through any ups and downs and expect the unexpected, so this is not a year to be too rigid on things. Flexibility, and just letting things flow seem to be the key. At the corners of the card are pictures symbolizing the four elements or astrological signs listed above. These link to Earth, Air, Fire and Water. A balance and harmony between the four elements, and symbols which link to wisdom / intelligence, health, and vitality / life force.

Perhaps then in the year 2008 the message is to remain balanced and be open to learning opportunites. Sometimes changes bring about learning, and sometimes learning brings about changes. Because of the link with the four elements, I am also reminded of the Magician when I look at this card. The Magician had all four elements as tools. Perhaps if we are open to the opportunities, luck, etc we can make changes for the better and expand materially and spiritually.

The Wheel is linked to Jupiter, the planet of luck, opportunity, and abundance and to the goddess Fortuna in Roman mythology. Perhaps we can draw more fortunate and positive pathways to us by being open to the opportunities that come our way in 2008 and by being objective and flexible rather than trying to control everything. Crystal connection - Jade. For luck, wealth - abundance really.

2008 Affirmation:
I have the means to achieve all that I can be in my thoughts, words and actions. The power to change the reality that is around me lies within. I can enjoy the rhythm of life. Divine Light and Love is within me and around me. I welcome and expect Divine Light and Love to shine in my life, allowing me the opportunity to create anew.

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