Monday, 17 December 2007

Song from Spirit

When an angel visits from afar
Spirit calls, guidance leads
We find signals on the breeze
Messages written for us to see
Even in the petals on the tree...
Whispered in the falling light
Comfort and joy in the coldest night
Where theres discord or disharmony
Healing comes from me to theeIn the form of light you see...
Lights take many shapes and forms
To see us call our name and you will be
Transported to a place of harmony
Where guidance lights the path at night
And by day our spirit flames the way...
We wish you welcome in the world we see
Just call our name, it doesn't take long
And we can be your guiding hand,
Walk you through a troubled path
And as you walk your spirit grews strong...
We are around; come listen to our song.

Channelled/copyrighted 2007 by G Jones for Metatron

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