Thursday, 13 December 2007

Dowsing with a pendulum - beginners guide

There are several readers and healers who use a pendulum to either find out yes/no answers to questions, or who use it to locate things or areas of concern which need attention.

In the past, many of our mothers/grandmothers used a wedding ring as a pendulum to find out whether an expected baby was male/female; others have used a pendulum to locate energy sources positive/negative within the home. There are lots of ways of using a pendulum.

Pendulums come in different sizes/shapes, colours and materials. Often a variety of gemstones / crystals can be used as a pendulum, as can a pendant or, as above, a ring, or a needle. The pendulum can be placed on a cord, cotton, thread or silk which is strong enough to bear the weight of the pendulum.

For simplicity, needles can make good pendulums especially if you want to find out about dowsing for yes and no answers to questions. For one, they are cheap and available, and for two they are a nice even shape and are light.

However certain crystals make excellent pendulums and a variety of shapes and types of crystal are used for this purpose. One of the best ways of finding out the crystal for you is first to try out several of the crystal pendulums to see which gives off the most energy in their swing or vibration. Another way is to do a little research into the crystal first and have a short list if you like of those that you are drawn to; another way is to visit the stall or shop and try the pendulum crystal that you are most drawn to. Crystal stalls / shops should be familiar with people handling their crystals and should allow you the freedom to do this. You may find that the first crystal pendulum you are drawn to responds to you in a very expressive and clear way. Prices for crystals do vary, the price differences can relate to the quality and clarity of the crystal although it can also relate to the sellers charging policies.

There are no set pathways for a yes or a no answer. To find out the pathway for you and for the pendulum, ask it simply to show you a "yes" and for it to show you a "no". The pendulum can swing a variety of ways, clockwise, anticlockwise, diagonally, horizontally, or travel from top to bottom in a downwards/upward movement. If you are unsure of the swings, hold the pendulum above your palm to see the shadow there, or over paper.

How a pendulum works is not set in stone. For me I find that the pendulum can sometimes react according to my thought patterns. Because of this I always welcome in a new item that I use for a pendulum, and ask it to only show me true answers through Divine Light and Love.

If it doesn't work for you at all, if there is no movement, then perhaps try again later when your mind is clearer. Once you have asked it your question then simply "be" if you can; tap into the way of simply being with the pendulum, placing your thoughts on hold. It is easier said than done!

It is interesting to see how the pendulum reacts with visual things; try working with photographs of people that your question is about. Treat your pendulum though with respect, if you are honest with it there is more opportunity energy wise for it to be honest with you. I find that visual images often have a habit of increasing the energy response of the pendulum.

As you work more and more with pendulums, you will be amazed at the difference in vibrations in swings that different pendulums have.

Another way that you can work with pendulums is with choices. Perhaps you are lucky enough to be offered two jobs, or perhaps you need to make a choice of one thing against another. You can always write your choices on two pieces of paper, perhaps including a picture if relevant. Explore the answers with as open a mind as possible with your pendulum.

The answers given by your pendulum obviously cannot be guaranteed, but if you explore working in this way you may be surprised at how the pendulum can often illustrate your own intuitive thoughts.

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