Thursday, 6 December 2007

Wednesday has come around all too soon; this day is associated with Archangel Gabriel and Raphael. Gabriel can help inspire and motivate us (and we need this particularly midweek) and both are connected with healing. Wednesday in Wicca is also associated with communication, travel, wisdom, intelligence, and creativity, and is ruled by Mercury. It's also connected with Morrigan, Queen of the Fairies and Supreme War Goddess - although it is said that she was there to help, not to wage war. Morrigan is connected with the colour green - if you are a Virgo or a Gemini, which is ruled by Mercury, try wearing this colour on a Wednesday, as it helps with creativity growth, and rejuvenation.

We can use Wednesday as an opportunity to have that Indian head massage or Reiki, to write that letter, also it is a good day to start that essay or to review it. It's also a good day for self expression, so if there is something at work that you have been longing to ammend in order to express yourself, well this is a good day to do it.

In the cards, if we take Wednesday as day 4, we have The Emperor. Interesting, because this is a card that links to the value of 4 in numerology, where 4 is connected to: mercy, but also to reality, completing foundations, practicality; authority, and command. This really sums up the Emperor figure in tarot; he is an older man, sitting firm in cloack of red, wearing his yellow crown. Yellow is for positivity; the power really of the mind, confidence, and communication.

This card is linked to Aeries, the ram. The red cloak indicates that the Emperor is secure, well-established; it also suggests that he is analytical and will seek out well rooted knowledge before making a decision. The Emperor is aligned with the Sun, and the red and yellow colours also suggests his fiery energy of being quick, enrgetic, and taking control of things. He is thoughtful, can be sensitive (under his cloack is his armour); but he is a ruler, a leader (and good rulers always listen to others, but in the end, make their own final deciscions and can communicate them well. This is a man who has proved himself worthy. He has won most of his battles and can now look at what he has achieved, making sure it stays worthy and beautiful - as did King Arthur type. He also represents fatherhood - protecting and providing for others.

We can work with this card by simply having it around us, particularly at our work station; it calls us if spirit is troubled by ethical issues, to offer up problems to a much higher power (Gabriel / Raphael, through Divine Light and Love. If you are feeling a bit vulnerable or frail, or under another's influence today and want to assert some diplomacy and assertiveness, reach out for the Emperor, or read a little about Morrigan.

Wishing you all the confidence, love and light
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