Friday, 30 November 2007

Psychic Spells/meditations for love / romance problems.

It is nice to be back writing on the blog. I have been away a while due to energy levels and neglected my blog, sorry.

I have decided to start writing on the blog again and begin with a bit about psychic help for relationships - I often get asked to do a card reading looking at relationships, so hopefully this may help some of you. They are only suggestions and if you try them and they have results for you, great! Good luck with them, they are sent with love and blessings.

Any negative thoughts - replace them with a positive thought. Send love and light out right away to replace that negative energy. Or simply say "I have only love for you" you can, in your thoughts, say that sentence at home/work whenever, you can also ask for blessings for them of peace love abundance ect., and offer thanks for the blessings that you have already.

Imagine your partner immersed in a lovely white light, perhaps adding in colours of: pink (love), indigo violet (healing). Imagine the both of you in a lovely bulb of what ever colour comes to mind. Within the bulb, inside the bulb with you both, is the colour of indigo violet light for healing from Archangel Raphael/Zadkiel. So now you have say a pink bulb, and inside that is you, your partner, and the violet light, with the two angels. On the outside of the bulb imagine spikes sticking out, like a hedgehog ball, and between the spikes, electricity zapping away from one spike to the other. This is a protective energy ray for the both of you. Thinking of this once a day is fine because of the energy this sends out. If you feel prompted or led to do it at other times, then go with that feeling. Also try this image when whenever you feel a bit stronger (like at coffee break at work maybe).

Send out peace to your / yours and if they live somewhere, to their home when you are away. Imagine a lovely white dove. The Dove can be linked to several angels, on eof which is Chamuel who is linked to love and relationships. Imagine, or think of the Dove flying through an open window and flying through all the rooms, and hallways of your home, in all the corners.This vision is a nice one and something you can do at night, away from home, or in the morning. If it gets tense at home, you can release the dove too in your thoughts, or another way would be to imagine your home, starting with where you are sitting or standing, with lovely white light, which gets bigger and bigger and fills everyone in it and all the rooms. If you choose the washing light image, tinge it with some silver/gold (angels, Divine) pink (love). You can change the colours if you like, i.e. yellow for happiness positivity, bit mix some white with the yellow because yellows quite a bright sharp colour, toning it has a more gentle effect on the environment, or even use a rainbow of colours. By doing this you will encourage a peaceful atmosphere.

Ask Archangel Chamuel through Divine Light and Love, for the highest good of all concerned, to help you.

Speak to the highest self of your partner. This takes a long time and I would only do it occassionally because of the delicate balance involved with things. In your thoughts, speak to the highest self of your partner. Your intention is to ask them to pass on a positive, loving message for you, through Divine Light and Love, for the highest good for you and for your partner. Once you have asked for this, then pass on to the highest Self of your partner your message. This could be that all is forgiven, you have only love for them, or that you are there and will listen if they want to speak to you. I would only do this once, and probably after a few moments of asking for lovely pink and white spiritual energies to surround you before you actually do it. Only ever do this sending positive loving energies and only ever do it for the highest good for all concerned, through Divine Love and Light.

Clear crystals are good for absorbing negative energy. Cleanse them (rinse with water), bless them for their love, and place in an appropriate room, or hall way.

When you leave home, place a lovely rainbow in your thoughts over your home and gardens/yeard. When you come back, place it there again. So everyone when they come in and out is under the rainbow.

Ask Divine Light and Love to bless you and your partner. Place your partners name on paper. It could be pink, red paper, write your name on another piece of paper. The pieces of paper need to be small enough to pop inside a jar of honey, the slightly runny honey is easier to work with then the thick set honey. Send out love to them while you do this, writing their name and your name in love, and again, always do it for the highest good for all. As you let the papers sink to the bottom, ask for sweet love to bring you back together. A Friday is a nice day to do this as it is connected to Venus, the day for Lovers. Another good time is at the New Moon phase, so love will grow and grow like the full glowing moon. Wrap a lovely ribbon of pink/red/white around the jar and leave it where it will not be disturbed in your kitchen. Give thanks always, should results appear.

Be open to each new day. Wake up and feel it is a new day, that anything special can happen to the both of you today. Be open to the support of the universe and your own, inner being. Achnowledge that your partner too is open to the support and love of the universe and the Cosmos; know that you and your partner are loved and protected. State: “I and ..... (your partner) are beginning anew. It is a new day. Anything wondrous can happen today, and finish with "so it is". In other words, you are confirming what you have said, achnowledging that it is already there for you and it is on its way to y ou both.

I like working with the Angels, it is said that they only intercede with day to day things if we ask them, as they need our permission on day to day things to help us and intercede on our behalf. But often their time process is their own, but you can always ask for them to send you a symbol or sign that they have listened to you and will help you. - watch for the dove that lands near you or stays still as you get close, or maybe you see a dove in newspapers etc tv and so on. It may even be a number that keeps popping up, a song, a few words said by a friend, what ever - if it rings a bell with you try and make a note of it because sometimes its only later when we look back at the notes that we see a recurring theme that comes through.

****IMPORTANT""""Be gentle on yourself if you choose to do any of the above, choose the ones you are drawn to. Try not to over do the imagry; it takes some energy to do it really. Be gentle when you do it, because our thoughts do have an impact. Too much might make others feel uncomfortable, its a bit like teaching someone nervous to swim. A little a bit at a time. Not too much. As you can see, some of the above is short and gentle, others more in depth.Once you have thought it and sent it your thoughts, then lovely, send out thanks and love and light. And if ever a niggle comes to mind ie "nothings happened yet" then again just think love and light and wrap yourself up in the pink/white light. It is hard to do and there may be times when you are unable to, we are only human. This can take days/weeks, months. Sometimes all you really need do is to send out words in your thoughts as a "love light"; a signal beacon really. The gentlest words to send to them in your thoughts, and sometimes not the easiest, is "I have only love for you. I am here for you to talk to".

Should you receive even the smallest positive response from your partner, give quiet blessings and thanks to Divine Love, to the Angels that you worked with, to Spirit, and to the Cosmos.

Love and Light, Gina

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There are lots of love psychics out there that gives a really good readings and advice about this thing but what really matters is not the things that they tell us but on how we interpret those readings that they would be giving us. At the end of the day, it is still our decision. those advice and readings are just great guidelines that can help us. =)