Thursday, 22 September 2011

Thoughts are living things

Yes, interesting don't you think? Thoughts to me are living things, and it is so easy these days especially when times are so hard, for our thoughts to become un-positive, un-helpful.

One tip that I do is if ever I am thinking of an unhelpful thought, I try to counteract it with a positive one. Sometimes it is very difficult to do that, and it is at those times when I usually try to write something down in my diary that is positive. Or in your blog! - It's a bit like writing down the best that can happen, then pausing and allowing that to drift into your thoughts. Often this can uplift your spirits or at the very least, make you smile.

A gratefulness diary also helps, even on the days when perhaps all you can write is "Thank you - had  a lovely cup of coffee today. It didn't rain and my washing dried quick as anything. Thank you...."

Another tip, you know friends are brilliant at listening. It is so good to talk sometimes, but they say don't they that when "you laugh, the world laughs with you, and when you cry  you cry alone". If you have been listening to someone's hurt or anger or problems, you have helped with say 40 percent of it. Ask upstairs, the Divine, Love, to help them with the other 60 per cent. Give some thanks that they trusted you to share that information and that you were able to spend that time with them, then let it go. Try to think positive thoughts about them, so that you send them positive vibes to help them along their pathway.

Worried about your relationship? Try spending some time out thinking of all the good things, even the ones in the distant past. Every time they helped you with something, or said a kind word, or gave you a hug when you most needed one. The time they made you a hot cuppa -

Thoughts are living things. So easy when we are working on our dreams, a lot harder when times get tough.
Let Love get going though into your live - Allow the brightness in.

Thoughts are living things...

With love and light
Gina and Jackory

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