Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Love, Loved, Loving. Happy New Year of the Rabbit!

Loved...Love....Loving Your home
Loved...Love..Loving Your work
Loved...Love...Loving Your husband/wife/partner
Loved...Love....Loving Your children
Loved...Love...Loving Your family
Loved...Love...Loving Your home/garden/yard
Loved...Love....Loving Your neighbours, friends
Loved...Love...Loving the animals/birds around You
Loved...Love...Loving "enemies" / those that have created hurt around "You" and  "Yours".

How? Love/Love/Loving Your "selves".

We are, so many of us going through changes. Some of them can hurt, perhaps because we have fought against them, or put them off. Perhaps we are affected by changes those close to us have made.

Why? - We are one year from 2012, the big shift. Recent weather - the wind / rain, has brought phenomenal energies. We are literally being washed of past energies and blown into new ones. The full moon last month was awsome in it's energies. 

What energies are around us now? - This month - February,  we have the energies of Aquarius; it is the beginning of the Year of the Rabbit http://www.stanssewingsupplies.com/catalogs/store.asp?pid=253080 ; and we have the energies of 15 (Devil) and 6 (Lovers).

It is more important than ever, to now fall back on your own spirituality. 
Be methodical in drawing peace and love around you.
You may have already made decisions, or someone has made them for you - the result - for every action, a reaction. So, its the reaction of Yourself, of Others around you.

Love your home. Bring in some happiness. Yellow flowers, pink flowers.  Roses.  Bring in a bit of warmth and light. Play music as much as possible, music that is good for the soul - folk music, classical music ( Chopin); Christian Andreason http://www.allaboutchristian.com/listeningstore/all_the_time/all_the_time_samplev.htm.
Name your home. Light some candles. Throw out loving energies, begin where you are. Throw out that loving energy to the room that you are in, to each room in your home. Imagine your home in the glows of pink, white, gold, silver. Draw on Divine Love and Light to bring in warmth, love and light in your home, to bless each door and each window, to bless each room. If you can't bring yourself to give your home a name, at this point, ask your home aloud what it would like you to call it. Go on the first name that comes to your mind.
Whenever you want to shed love on your home, you can simply say "Love you,...."

Do your own house blessing, with a candle, or  lighted incense. Make your own mood sprays - check out "Mood Lifter Spray" on http://www.food.com/recipe/essential-oil-room-air-freshener-spray-recipe-92820,
or a very simple, and cheap  healing Lavender room spray http://www.fancyhouseroad.com/2010/01/27/diy-healing-homemade-room-spray/. When you make this, do it at a time when you are peaceful, with all the energies of the music on that you have chosen; do it with love, do it with the intent of peace, love, light - you can also clean /tidy afterwards, and then spray again to re-double your efforts. As you make this spray, as you use it, try thinking or saying "In all love, in all love, in all love. In all light, all light, all light."

Make a pact with yourself on the  TV. Switch off those shows of murder, mayhem, those soaps. After all, their energies are full of divorce, arguments, disagreements, who did what to whom and so on. Switch off that which is unloving or violent, of death/destruction. Monitor what you watch. You  may not be able to do this with family - but perhaps try to reduce it, even if it is for a night a week. Balance out their energy (some teenage music is far from loving in the energy it produces) by playing something nurturing when they are not there. Put it on a loop if you can, so it plays even if you are out shopping.

Do you often sit in dark rooms? Light something like a safe motive, or switch on a gentle light. Christmas bulbs are brilliant in their colours. You can even get those sticks that have colours in them, - anything like this, as long as it is gentle and the colours soft and loving. 

Watch the colours you wear. Balance black outfits with something loving like pink/purple, or green for new beginnings, for energy; peach for gentleness and going with the flow. 

Love yourself. Draw in the energies of the love you are sending out. If you have a faith, and pray - pray aloud, ask for blessings for you and yours. Send out any negative feelings to the Devine or to the Angels. One way of doing this is to imagine blowing up balloons of different colours. Each different colour represents a feeling. Black, despair, any grief, anger, red - hurt, hate, disappointment; pink, lack of love need to be loved, problems in a relationship and so on. By doing this you create an ownership, an acknowledgement of the unhelpful feeling. Ask for Archangel Michael to come and release these balloons of unhelpful energy from you. Imagine him filling your room with his white energy, or simply say, "Archangel Michael, in All love and Light, for the Good of All, I ask through Divine Love and Light for you to take these balloons which represent that which is not benefiting me and Mine, With grateful thanks."  Allow Archangel Micheal to take charge now of those balloons - release them to him, ask that those energies may be transmuted into love and light. (include in this anyone who you believe may have created hurt/pain for you, either in thought or action, and ask that they may be blessed with peace, love, healing and light).

Give thanks for anything small/big, for relatives, friends. For any act of kindness. Send blessings out to the origins of that grace - to your dog who greeted you, to your cat who sat on your lap when you were sad. 

Like the Budha, breathe in the new energies around you now. Bless your home again. Send out love. Say thank you for the roof above your head, for the heating, for the kettle that boils.

Drop off a donation at the supermarket for those in need. Big or small, it doesn't matter. What you can afford - remember, life has a balance.

Love you. In doing this you lighten up your energies and those of your home, which in turn hopefully will also uplift those who live with you.

In all love. In all light.

Gina and Jackory
"When we learn to love ourselves, We see how blind we were to doubt..." Christian Andreason, lyrics "All the Time"  http://www.allaboutchristian.com/listeningstore/all_the_time/all_the_time_samplev.htm

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