Thursday, 3 February 2011

Earth Angels Among Us

Oh I have such a lot to tell you all. I hardly know where to start. At present I am walking in a valley of tears. I am walking in the valley of endings and beginnings; the path of Death (13) in tarot. (2011= 13). Yes, I know some of you think of it as 2011, which is 2+1+1 = 4. There is place for both cards in this year but I do think 13 is the stronger card.  Even in February, (i.e. world news - Egypt) the New Year has been full of endings/beginnings, and yes, you need the strength to survive - the strength and fortitude, of the Emperor.

Anyway, I digress. I am within this valley of tears and yet, today especially, I feel a radiance within it. And the reason - because I think, I am going with the flow.

It is so easy to focus on the energies of the present and ignore those of the future. We are only one year away now from 2012, and in the new energies of Aquarius. My valley I am walking in is a tough one. Yet I am loved in it. I feel loved, now, in it. I have come to this valley many times in the past, and have chosen, with all my fortitude and spiritually, not to enter it. That was my free will.

I think 2012 is about getting ready for a new world to come. I think its all about loosing negative associations and becoming "light"er within.  I've spoken so much in the past of unconditional love. But you know, it is important to love yourself unconditionally, too. That means having a respect for yourself, and living in that respect. In choosing not to enter the valley before, I lost some of that. It is now time I regain it, for 2012..

Just before news that my daughter was expecting my first Grandchild, I felt the presence of a very tall being of light in my home. I can only describe this presence as an Angel; the feeling was of complete awe. And, yes, I did find a feather. That was the next day, it was in my car. That bothered me a great deal, as I thought that was a message to say, "be careful in this car, Gina.". My mother (wise woman!) told me it was probably because in my house, a feather would be lost in the chaos of dogs and cats!

I have also been blessed with meeting two earth Angels. You know sometimes, you never know who you entertain. Who you pass by. The world is so full of magic. You know, so full of magic. One was a lovely man. From Yorkshire. I met him in town one day, and he passed me several bouquets of flowers. There was a fantastic presence about him. A safety, a sense of complete love. Utter serenity. I walked with him a while, and everything went black and white. It was just me and him in colour. The message I got in my head when he was with me was "It will be all right now. You are all right".

The second Angel I met in a supermarket, just a day or two after I was told my beloved Jackory had cancer and that nothing could be done. This lady again, had a presence about her. She was dressed in black lace. I know, not what you would think of an Angel to be dressed in. She asked me where the chocolate biscuits were, and I ignored her. I was lost in my own little world. I can be very selfish sometimes. My thoughts were of my dog. I could not be "bothered" with finding chocolate biscuits, because biscuits were all around us - we were in that part of the supermarket, you know the part where the diets go out of the window. The part where you have to be an Emperor to ignore them and pass on to the aisle with the fruit and veg.

How did I know she was an Angel?  I didn't at the time. She asked me several times about the biscuits, and reluctantly, I gave in. She told me she couldn't read (as in the labels). But She "read"  for me. She gave me a reading then and there, short and sweet. She was bang on in everything she said. She then asked me if I would like to buy a stone of her - that reminded me at the time, of old fashioned gypsy readers. They don't ask money for the reading, instead they ask for you to buy something of them.

I didn't have much money. She gave me two stones "with love" and I said thank you, and moved on, in tears now. Her hand as she touched me was over warm. Like as if she had a temperature, but not clammy. Just over warm, like a warm hot water bottle, or a warm / hot mug - that type of heat. Not burning, just very warm. Very loving. Very soft touch.

I turned to give her my thanks, but she had "gone". I toured that supermarket, not one trace of her. She was not young, not elderly. Her lace was exquisite. She was dressed head to toe in that lace. And you know what? What struck me? She never had a supermarket trolley, or basket with her. And she kind of appeared by me. We were not disturbed by other shoppers at all. It was like time stopped, and there was just me and her in that aisle. Just the same feeling as it felt, when I was with "Bryan" the man I spoke of, earlier.

I am paying the price for not entering this valley sooner. The price was my soul, my spirituality.

 I have to walk through this valley now in order to .....

I don't know. Maybe to enter into the year of 2012 with my spirituality back in tact. Maybe the Divine has my pathway planned, and I have to walk through this valley first. And then, even when and after, I've walked through it, I have free will, to choose the future (which will then be my present moment). I am not drawn to using my cards at this point to ask the reasons why, or seek what the future holds when I am through the valley. I am content with now just being, and allowing, thats important. Of allowing, this flow to take me through this valley.

It can't be as hard as it was, in loosing the earth form of my Jackory. It wont be as hard as that. It is just the unknown, and thats always a bit scary.

We only have today. The present. So one way of dealing with the fear of the unknown, is to live with the present moment than worry about what's ahead. Or why. Or even, why I've chosen to flow into the valley than try to by pass it yet again.

 Quantum theorists have long discussed the theory of time. And the present is all we have, literally. I think it is one reason why us "seers" as fortune tellers, are so often judged harshly.(topic of another blog at some point), and yet that is what a reading should help us to do. To work on our future, today. In the present.  

Angel cards in tarot - the Lovers, Temperance, and Judgement; also to me anyway, Strength - i.e. Love, temperance, judgement, strength - wow. Just what you would think of as qualities of an Angel!  All that you need if you should find yourself in a  valley of tears. If you need Angelic / Divine help / fortitude today, do a search on them on google images. Print them out if you can or just save them on a page on your computer so you can see all of them in one go. Ask for God to send you a team of rescue Angels within the now, to help you with what is of concern to you.

We are looked after. But please remember that sometimes, we have to get through a valley of tears because there may be a garden of roses and a fountain of love for us. Sometimes it is because maybe we have to do it for someone else. The Angel's answer may not be what you want to hear, but you can be sure you are loved, whether you go with the flow, or fall back on the free will of the ego.

Yours, in love and light - in love and light, the Guardian Angel Prayer:

Angel of God, my guardian dear
To whom God's love commits me here
Ever this day and night, be at my side
To light and guard, to rule and guide.

With love and blessings,
Gina and Jackoryx

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