Monday, 24 January 2011

How to walk in love and light within the storm of life

God is love. Thats been written in many scriptures of different faiths. There is much to do on the internet currently on the journey into Love by those who have experienced "Near Death Experiences".

It is really hard though on the earth plane to love someone when they are, or seem, unloving towards you. Its tough not to send out the energy that they send, or reflect outwards, whether they speak it, act it, or think it.

In tarot, the 6 cups and in the Major Arcana, "Strength"  comes to mind. 

Love comes in many depths. Perhaps even if we can be non hostile, non aggressive. Non judgmental. 

I'm a great believer in printing out a card of guidance and carrying it with you. Somehow the energies of it seem to "rub off " on you! . 

Absorbing Negative Energies at home
Clear crystal (clear quartz) 
Play some music on a "loop" if you can. E.g. "Your Song" Elton John
                                                                    "All the Time" Christian Andreason (free and on an automatic loop - visit .
                                                                     Gregorian chants
                                                                     "The Rosary" - live Rosary prayers on the net, tape/cd

From around the Month of October last year, 2010, there seems to be a real shift of change. I think that this has long been spoken off, but we are in it within the now. It is like a great whirlpool of violet which is shifting us spiritually but also materially, environmentally. For many of us, we are being shaken, including myself. We are being shaken because we have not yet thrown off the mantle of that which has been unhelpful to us in the past. Because we have not yet thrown off the mantle, I believe that for some of us, the energy is shaking that off for us, by the actions of others. That is why it is important to think that each of us is loved. We each have a higher spirit. We each are connected to one another. (check out
for a small insight into what is happening. If anything, the last full moon we had showed the importance of this time with the energy, which was incredible. I've never seen the colours that were in the sky at the time of January's full moon. The pinks, the turquoise. And the moon itself, the light and the power of it was just amazing)..

It can be painful once we are being shaken. But in a way, we are being transmuted. Transported to this purple light which takes us forward into 2012 and beyond. It may not be an easy path initially. It is a path of faith. We still do have our free will. We can choose to remain, to stand steadfast despite the whirlpool that is around us. 

Or we can choose to flow with it. Accept the whirlpool of change. I cannot tell you whether you ought to accept it or not. I have chosen to flow with it, despite it being painful, and despite it being the unknown.

I struggle to be as one with the 6 cups, (giving and loving) when in the middle of this whirlpool of change. But I can fall back on 8, Strength, which is an Angel card. Love can be strength. Love can nurture us.

Call love and strength to you. Courage maybe another word you choose to go with. I'm not very courageous and even the word "Courage" makes me shake! So I prefer to go with love and strength. 

In love and in strength I am today
In love and strength my spirit lay
Pink and white my mantle be
To protect and guide me
Within the experience of 
Tough humanity
There is the joy, the gift of Divinity
And what will be, 
May be better for me.

Today is the day of Francis de Sales,  who said that whatever God had in store for him was good, because "God is love".

May love be with you today. It never does leave you. But sometimes you feel bereft of it. Take hold of the 6 cups, and 8, Strength and know that if you feel bereft of it, ask for it to come to you. "Love, come to me now. Love is on it's way". Love never leaves you - check out the Near Death Experiences. So many stories tell us we have guides with us from when we are born that are there with us. You are never alone. I am not alone. We are all truly loved and always will be.

Love and light
Gina and Jackory.x

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