Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Psychics and mediums - whats the difference?

Oh my. This is a big one isn't it. First of all there are unhelpful readers, whether they are psychic, or mediums. Also the consistency of readings - it is very rare to get someone who is consistently as good with person A as they are with person B & C.

There are those who say that psychics, spiritualists, mediums are all the same thing. Others say there is a big difference between a psychic reading, and a spiritual one.  Some would say there is no difference, but to me there is. I think it is important to say what type of reading you offer.

A  medium should be able to link you to those that have gone to spirit, to be able to describe them, bring back a memory, offer some comfort, in other words, provide some proof of existence on the higher plains of consciousness. A medium should be able to link to you without any cards/crystal balls/runes/and so on. They should be able to link to you over the phone in the same way as they do face to face.

Some mediums to some degree are psychic. Some psychics can link to spirit for you and are able to pass on a message to you as they read for you.  Others are not yet able to; their skills lie with the cards/runes or with palm reading, and so on.

Some readers are really very good at "fortune telling" as in opportunities that may crop up in the very long term. Sadly, my skills aren't in that area - I'm more for your pathway as in now, up to about 1 year ahead.

So, is it a bad thing, having a psychic reading, if there are readers that are better than others? Or some read "psychically" rather than as a medium?  Is it against God?

I think psychics/mediums/all that is metaphysical has a bad name sometimes, because it may be true that in some circumstances, it could be said that the free will of the individual is being in some way "led" by the reading. Readings are open to your own interpretation.

As a reader I am much happier with the messages that I give that are from spirit (as when I read for someone by holding an object) or using the ribbons, or just sitting next to them. I find though, as  a reader, many people lke face to face readings, where they can see the cards. I think seeing the actual cards is really useful to them -
not because they may understand the significance of each card, but for example if they have a row of brightly colored, happy looking cards, it can lift them up. They can see for themselves, something really nice is on the way for them to look forward to, things aren't so bad after all...

Even without us, the reader, telling them that! In the same way, I am so struck by how comforting a few words can be when you offer them as a reader. Sometimes, it is the daftest thing that you say when you are reading from spirit, not with the cards. It may be a saying that someone would have - just evidence really. That they are living on in the spirit world, and are okay - the smallest thing no matter how daft it seems when you come into your head, can mean so much to the person you are reading for.

So, is it against God? The bible tells us it is. But I'm also sure that God is about comfort, and nurture, and love - and as long as a reading is along those lines, given with love and nurture, then if it benefits, I'm sure it is within the love of the Higher Realms of being... rather than the lower!

With love and light.
Gina and Jackory

Message from Jackory - love the person you love, even if they do not seem as loving to you - one small thing. Even if it is making a coffee and adding their favorite biscuit. Plant small seeds like this regularly. Replace any negative thought about them with a loving one, even if it is a loving thought about something they said or did in the past.

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