Friday, 14 January 2011

Create peace/harmony: use sound

Sound creates such an atmosphere. There are so many scientific studies of the effects of sound, not just on plants, but on us, on water - 

I am sure homes would be included in this. Have you ever entered a house and felt completely at peace, and felt the loving feeling, or a feeling of contentment? 

Folk music, classical - (Chopin); harp, even some of the Beetles sons. You can even check out your local Pound shop, they sometimes have some very surprising c.d's that you can play at home.

As you listen, you may like to focus on:

to link to his knowledge and inner wisdom; to dwell in the light that he holds in his lamp. To send the light within his lamp to those around you that you love, to those around you that you are not seeing eye to eye with. 

Perhaps you are drawn to

Focus on the peace, serenity, the flow within the card. Wash clean your troubles and worries as you focus on the card and listen to the music. Allow the Ace of Cups to refresh you. Allow it to comfort you and to bring in abundance in your life. Focus on the Higher Love within this card. Allow the Dove to fly around you, and your home. Feel the "I AM blessed" feeling that comes with the card. Flow then with the card and the music, in your thoughts....

If you work at home, try playing the music at the above link as you workk - I am sure you will benefit!

With love and light
Gina and Jackoryxxx

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