Monday, 6 December 2010

Linking into your inner spirit guide

In the hub of life my friends there is a lot of noise around us. Cars, planes, the TV, radio; your family. Phones. It is so difficult for you in the material world to become centered within, yet for us within the spiritual family it is much easier.

We have dropped the mantle of clay, the instrument of our reason; on earth we were separated within our material body, in spirit, as we hold no form except the light that we build on the earth.

Love is always within and it is an eternal energy force, creative, adaptive, forgiving, healing. What damages Love is Fear. It is  not always hate.

Hate is the opposite of love and stems from our experience; and as individuals we are responsible for the hate that we allow ourselves to have. Fear is often imposed on us from others. From those that are not connected to Love.

Fear is a separator; it halts progression and instigates withdrawal from our inner, loving and harmonious self.
Like Hate, we allow fear to permeate our inner sanctuary, our inner being.

By entering a silence, you become in a state of allowing. Of allowing your Higher Self to become stronger and dispel the lower self. You allow yourself to link to the web of Divinity; to Source Energy.

Be still, and know that harmony has not left you, but the reverse may be true - that in allowing hate / fear within, you have withdrawn from that which is harmonious.

"I return to Love Consciousness, to pure thought and pure Being. I return to Source energy which is Love.
Love is all I need."

Love is all you need.

With love
Gina and Jackory.x

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