Friday, 3 December 2010

Psychic / Tarot Readings by phone, on facebook chat or by email

The snow fell today and covered where I live in a thin blanket of white. I love doing face to face readings,but must admit I am rather grateful today of not having to ask for a lift as some of the roads are still very icy and there is more cold weather to come sadly.

I enjoyed reading earlier on this evening for a lady on the phone, and she was really surprised when I could read for her without using any cards or ribbons. Phone readings can be much like face to face ones. I like to be able to read for someone cold, without being given a question and will only ask you for your name, where you live and 3 colours that come to your mind.

Love you. If you would like a reading, my number is 0800 787 9082. (free to call if you are in the UK on most landlines). Please leave a message and I will return your call. You can also email me or catch me on facebook. 

love you.Thank you.

In the UK, psychic work of any kind is for entertainment only because they cannot be guaranteed and are not scientifically proven. They also cannot replace professional advice and are open to your own interpretation.

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