Saturday, 20 September 2008

Guides in the Garden

I took Jack in the garden today and was amazed to see a Grasshopper; he was sat there in the sunshine on the concrete slab bit we have, and I tried so hard to get a photograph. A little while later, he was still there, this time though he moved forward a bit and jumped high up into the grass.

I was amazed at him staying around with both me being there, and Jackory. I looked up Grasshopper animal spirit when I came in and this is what I found:
Jumps across space and time
Leaps of faith
Jumping without knowing where you will land
Astral travel
Leaping over obstacles
New leaps forward, not back

There is a quick movement about this, it basically means to have faith and leap when you have the opportunity. I am glad it is positive medicine guide for us.

About animal guides:
Animals / insects / birds can be our guides, messengers, bring healing. If there is a paticular animal that shows up for you, in pictures, on the tv., in real life, it is worth while looking up their animal spirit guidance on the internet; Borders books always have a good stock of animal guide books in too. I found to my cost this year that sometimes you have to be aware of their impact in all areas of your life; I struggled with Orangutan earlier on in the year, and even phoned Steven Farmer at Hay House for a reading. I found later that the message, which was to nurture, meant in all areas of my life, to nurture others, relationships, home ect ect.

Jackory update: He and Logan are poorly today and yesterday, I think it is the food I gave them last night so have my hands full at the moment trying to nurse sore tummies!

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