Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Money making with manifestation

Yesterday one of the big banks in America fell and it said on the News in England that this would inevitably have a knock on affect, in the UK. Certainly we have seen inflation rise, and so the money in our pockets is having to work harder than it did before.

It is said that money is the easiest thing to manifest. If you think about it, money does grow on trees, as trees make paper, which in turn makes paper money.

Most of you will be familiar with the Cosmic Laws of Abundance and there are several good books and internet sites with some tips on Cosmic Ordering. There is also Flowdreaming - look it up under Hay House Radio; - but another way of doing it is with cards.

First of all, think about your intent. Is it good, will it benefit you? Let Love run through your intent, and you will be fine. Always ask for it for the Highest Good of all concerned, and ask that it be from good sources.

Then set aside some quiet time.

You can light a candle, yellow or green are good choices. Or perhaps light an incense stick, Basil is good for prosperity, cedar wood has links with success and prosperity too.

Times: Historically, Sundays have been associated with abundance. Sunday is connected with Archangel Michael. If you have an Angel deck, perhaps you may like to select a card connected with Michael that calls to you to meet the need you are asking money for.

If using tarot, select a card that to you signifies financial stability. For me, I would probably pick 10 coins, or 10 pentacles from tarot. That is because I like the stability of the castle, and the happiness shown in the picture. Others may prefer to use the Ace of Pentacles. Use what you feel most suits what you are asking for and why.

If you have an animal spirit deck, select a card that you are drawn to. Perhaps you might draw a buffalo to connect you to abundance; or maybe an elephant to help you to remove any obsticles in your way.

Meditate on the card that you have chosen. Be prayerful with it; ask for your request for the Highest good of all, through the blessing of Divine Love and Light. Above all know that your request is heaven sent and is right then and there, circulating within the Cosmos. Put out your request with love.

An affirmation is a positive way of ending your request. You may like to use something like " I , ..... draw to me through Divine Love and Light, the right amount of money from good sources, to meet my needs ......... And so it is. (So be it)... thank you."

Your main objective may be for inspiration to help you to bring in more money; again think about the reason you want money for. Is it for a wedding maybe, or money to help with business or study? Aces are good with achievements and drawing to you what you need. Look at the Ace cards and see what speaks to you; the Ace of cups for example may be good for drawing to you money to help you with a wedding; the Ace of Coins for business or to help pay a bill, The Ace of Swords may help cutting through obsticles standing in your way; the Ace of Wands for energy and movement.

Continuity: You may like to reproduce the card you have chosen. I always think that recreating the card yourself is good. You inscribe it with your own creative energies. Perhaps you would like to make a small version of it yourself, and put it in your bag/ purse, inside your bank book, or on a notice board in your office? Work with the card over a period of days.

Positive thinking: pay the bill you need to pay with grateful thanks and wish the person receiving it joy and happiness. Hold your bank book and "love" it. Be aware that you are not loving the money inside the book, you are loving the balance within the book because it helps you to pay the bills, buy food for your family, buy a holiday you need. Love the reason why you have that book. Create a short mantra you can say for when ever you feel disheartened eg "My needs will be met"; "money is flowing continuously to me from good sources". Be open to have money; that is important too. We can do a lot of flow dreaming positive thinking ect but when money does come we get embarrased to take it.

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