Friday, 12 September 2008

I love you

I love you!

Okay what do you think of this comment "I love you?"
I love you. Three small words but they mean a lot really. We like to think that God, the Divine, loves us all, as does Mother Earth. Think of Mother Theresa, even maybe Diana Princess of Wales. The thing with Diana is that she exhuberated love of, and for, the every day person. I think of her as an Angel who walked among us. I know some of you may think different, but she did spread love unconditionally. She gave it, she got involved, she got her hands muddy and still amazingly LOOKED ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS.

I've been reading a book "Zero Limits" by Joe Vitale and Ihaleakala Hew Len. It talks of love, repeatedly, repeats the phrase "I love you" all the way through.

HEALING JACKORY I've been using " I love you" as healing for Jackory. I say it to him all the time. I've always at bedtime thanked him for being a good dog, and told him I love you. Sometimes I think we can make healing too complex. I sit there with my crystal wands and healing music and do hands on, hand off healing, and I'm doing it because I love Jack. I don't want to loose him to C....r. I don't mind giving him to the Divine but dont want it to be through the c....r.


Strangely enough this word is cropping up for me a lot this month. I phone friends / relatives and their news is so and so has C.....r.

When we say "I love you" it is words, to express emotion. If we can't speak, we can sign it, or even just think it, more importantly, we can feel it. But what exactly is love? = What exactly is c....r?

This post wasn't meant to be on c....r. It was meant to be about expectations. And even work.
So I am surprised as the topic has changed on it's own without me planning it. The thing is , don't plan. Sometimes go with the flow. And sometimes the flow just wants to flow. Words restrict it. Like for example, our thoughts on c....r. I remember posting up words describing c....r as a huge monster; a patient on tv described it as days when a kitty scratches trying to get out, and the kitty on days she wasnt that good, became a tiger.

Our thoughts come from experiences. From programming. From this life and other lives. And no not from others. If you think about it, we share one life spirit really. We are all individual bodies but our link is one creative body, each one of us experiencing different things. We all experience c....r in different ways and the vast majority of us don't like what we hear.

I love you. We know the meaning of this from our very first moment of "being" . We come from Divine Love. We then experience. C....r can be, or not, an experience. C....r is just a word that we've got in our programme. As the book says, programmes, like on the computer, can be cleaned. Jack, all the time, is being healed. The Divine heals him. Friends, like you, send their healing to him. In doing so they send their love.

I love you heals.

I love you.
Gina and Jackoryx

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