Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Tarot for September 2008

We are currently in the 9th month of 2008; so we link up in tarot terms with 19.
Interestingly 1 and 9 is 10; the wheel of fortune is slowly turning the last few cycles before we reach October, when the energies for 2009 will slowly come to the fore.

19 is linked to The Sun in the Major Acana; the Sun card, like that of Strength, is astrologically is linked to Leo, so this can be an important time for those of you born under this sign. The Sun heralds generally brighter aspects for business, relationships, the birth of a child. New positive beginnings, a happier time. Reversed though it can also indicate burn out, and the opposite of the above. In my understanding of this card, it is also linked to the numbers 2, and 20; so the 2nd September and the 20th are important dates this month.

The card in many decks features the Sun, a wall, a child on a horse and a wall. In some decks, twins are chosen. The Wall can be seen as the representation of the building blocks of life, symbolically I think as well that this can mean we can choose to acknowledge, or to block ourselves off from the gifts that the Universe can bring us. Enjoy is the main message of this card. Value the optimistic opportunities that may be coming your way. So we have twins, sometimes a white horse, the wall, and the child, and sometimes too Sun flowers. Life exists in all things; even bricks come from thought and energy. In other words, consciousness exists in all things. The child, carried high, has the ability to analyse and to reason; but this is a child, not a grown person. We have possibilities, and the sun's energy shines over everything so is not directed at any one thing.

The horse can mean freedom, and the white suggests new ideas which carry the child forward. A day in the sun, fresh intellect; a child's view of life is simple and honest and they live often in the moment. Everything looks bright and clear.

Hopefully this cards energies mean that each of us will have our day in the sun this month. Maybe we can all appreciate things turning out all right. We are supported by the existance of all around us in this moment, and all connected under the energy of the sun. We are all connected to a higher, creative, vibrant energy; individual souls linked with one spirit.

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