Friday, 5 September 2008

Decision Making : Drumming

What do you do when you have a tough decision to make? My mum used to toss a coin. Heads, she went for it, tails she didn't. How do you reach a decision, or make a choice, when things are really difficult and you are unsure? There are lots of spiritual pathways you can tread to find the answer to your decision. You may have already tried
angel work;
looking at the cards;
using a pendulum;
meditation (with yourself, your own shadow, connecting with your higher selves;
flowdreaming a positive answer (Cosmic ordering);
maybe asking your guides in meditation and "listening" for an answer;
having a reading.

But have you used drumming?

Drumming has historically been linked to calling upon the spirit world, the spiritual Beings, for help; it is also a healing activity.

When Jack's symptoms went up a notch, it was call time for me. I did do some talking with Jackory, asking him what he wanted to do. I thought his reply was to stay a while, so I thanked him for that and settled down for the night. It was peaceful; I took out the drum I have and drummed softly over the next two hours or so.

When you drum, you empty things. It becomes a healing process. You talk to the drum, it talks back. It links you, I think, with the Divine. I do not have a gift for music; it doesn't matter. Settling down with the drum, there is a few moments of stillness, and once you pick up the beater, thats it. Allow yourself to drum how you want to. Quickly, slowly, softly, loudly. You will find you change the pace, change the rythm, change the sound , without thinking of it. You and the drum become one. And somehow it heals. It transforms. It speaks.

I became peaceful as I drummed. I knew I didn't have to be in charge. I knew Jackory would tell me, so when he gives up, thats when I give up. I knew we were at peace, that Divine Light and Love encompassed all. That it wasn't my call, not at least within that moment, at that time.

I am happy with my decision. I am at peace, and so is Jackory. We are enjoying our time together, and have had many special times since that drumming night.

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