Saturday, 27 September 2008

Yellow roses, blue eyes and a little magic

I have had a strange weekend, full of smiles and some sadness too. The world today lost a magical actor, the blue eyes finally at rest and Paul Newman returns to the Divine Love and Light, the source of his inspiration and his earthly being.

Beauty still flowers in my back garden, in the shape of wonderous and huge yellow blossoms of roses. Jack has been peaceful today, and has curled himself up on his bed and slept soundly.

The sun has been shining; the world has been slumbering in the last few weeks of warm weather, but the trees, knowing autumn is on it's way are shedding leaves of red, gold, brown and yellow.

This post was meant to be on inspiration, or rather as I l ike to think of it as in=spirit-ation. There is a lovely quote I like which says "what you can hold in your head, you can hold in your hand".

When we pass on to spirit we aren't limited by time, space. We can be with our loved ones in an instant, no matter where they are. Our Father God and Mother Earth are so good at recycling things, I dobut very much whether our spirit just lives one life on the earth plane. The dream I had of Jackory telling me he needs to leave me now, as he wants to be a search and rescue dog was so vivid. I am positive that will be his next journey, his next adventure. And perhaps that is why we both met; he became my partner at dog club in obedience, sniffing out hankerchieves and retrieving items and was one of our stars at demonstrating things to newcomers. Despite his past (Jackory was a stray), he loves everyone and would harm no human being.

He is often frequently the source of my inspiration. True devoted love, unconditional. The very embodiment of God reversed i.e. Dog. Man's friend. He nurtures, he protects, he teaches, he leads. When I was ill he more than once took the lead as if he was pulling the stray, and squared his shoulders as if to carry me back home. Lately he is spending a lot of time just looking at me and studying me, as if he is remembering and storing it all away for future times.

I will miss Paul Newman. I will miss his vitality; even in his more senior years he still held that veil of vigour about his eyes that belied his physical age. My yellow roses are at their fullest and their petals are already beginning to fall; some have even already gone to seed in time for next spring.

In-sprit-ation. Mr Newman will live on in his legacy of films he leaves behind; our rose bush will flower again next year. And Jack God bless him will always be with me in some shape or form as I will be with him.

In-sprit-ation. Experiencing the now, do we get chance to revisit our past, and to learn, to make ammends? Can we change things and perhaps in our responding to the falling tower, or in this year, to the returning karma of the Wheel of Fortune, can we, depending on our "inspiration" affect on how much the more challenging aspects of life affect us?

I think so. I came across a company today whose code of ethics for readers does not allow what they term as "magic" , "relationship healing" and also "healing" practices. It saddens me. Is there not magic in the roses, on our cinema screens; is there not magic when the wolf throws its head into the darkening skies and calls to the Cosmos in celebration of it's freedom and self identity? Is it not magic when you are feeling down and your dog wags it's tail and nuzles your arm as if to say "it's all right. Lets go for a walk, it will turn out nice after all, you'll see".

I am a reader. I am not a fortune teller. The wheel has been particularly rough with me this year; and most of it is down to Karma revisited. Are not our cards insights into the Divine Light and Love, are they not linked to the Tree of Life, can we not at least be able to see the magic of their guidance and choose whether or not to follow it when opportunity comes? = does our outcome card reflect the outcome written in stone, no matter what, and what if it is an unfavourable one? - What then? Are we stuck with fate as it is, or can we use our cards to grow, to learn, in order so that when the tower does fall, we have knowledge to know how we build a stronger and more better future... What after all, does the fool carry within the bag that is tied to his staff? - I reckon it's the other cards myself, that tells him the options are there for his journey. Does the magician not have all his tools out on the table, and look to earth and to sky? And what about the Priestess, does she not cradle the Tora to her with a look that says she knows that which is hidden within the pages is written within her soul?

I would like to be captain of my fate, but don't want to be Master of my soul, for that is for Divinity, for the Highest Power, for Divine in-spirit=ation. Every day, as Paul Newman would tell us, is Magical. Every day, something wonderous and new can happen to you. Every day, a flower somewhere unfurls it's petals and glows with colour. Everyday, some relationship, somewhere, is healed through give and take, through unconditional love, that wins through somehow.

The tarot is as much about guidance as it is about prediction. With positive guidance comes healing. The same organisation has readers who use crystals for their readings. I am lost for words. it is sad that spritiuality, or mind, body spirit, should have to be limited in this way. And as for banning spells; are there not tarot spells? - Do we not make our wishes, affirmative wishes, are they not spells in some form? How long have Wiccan's been practising positive thinking and sending out healing energies???? How long have Shaman's been sending distant healing and making journeys to heal so that we can progress?

Our world is magical. Mother Earth creates; our God Creates. Creativity is all around us. Every day we create. New souls are created every day; current souls are constantly being re-created because we constantly learn and experience. As we create, we heal. If we did not, earth as we know it, would not exist. In one way it doesn't , for nothing is concrete. Even concrete dissolves and is recreated.

To quote Paul Newman, "You can’t be as old as I am without waking up with a surprised look on your face every morning: ‘Holy Christ, what da ya know - I’m still around!’ "

Love and light.
Gina and Jackory.x

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