Wednesday, 27 August 2008

The magic in the woods

Jackory (pictured here with Zola Buddy)

It hasn't been a good few days as Jackory's symptoms have stepped up a notch. I will not go into the new symptoms he has, as it is upsetting. But, having said that my boy, nicknamed "laughing boy" by one of my friends, is "laughing" his way through. He is still wagging his tail, still eating, drinking ect okay, still happy and still coming on shortish walks.

We went to the woods near where we live. It is called Rivacre. It was lovely. There was purple and white heather, yellow flowers, and some lovely gorgeous purply ones that looked like tiny lillies. We saw a field mouse running through the grass, and a dragon fly. It is nice to stop and feel nature all around you, if you don't you miss the little treats, like the mouse and the dragon fly!

Jackory loves it. Logan ambled through while Jackory played with his sticks and pieces of wood, and paddled in the streams. Jackory loves life. He always has done. He has always wanted to be active and taking part in things. He reminds me of the "Dancer" card in Medicine Woman, or the Magician in tarot. He uses what is there in life.

In my other home he would take his ball and sit at the top of the stairs. He would drop his ball, so it would roll down the stairs onto the downstairs floor, and then run to get it, before taking it up the stairs, chewing on it a little and then dropping it again.

A Jackory tip for the day: Use what is around you. There are so many things that are for free. They bring pleasure and joy; be creative with what there is. Dance to life's tune and you will be okay.

Godbless Jackory. Me? Short on words, large on tears, big on smiles cos Jacks' still smiling. And as long as he's not giving, up, THEN NOR AM I.

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dogfaeriex5 said...

sending healing faerie dust your way sweet one to your beloved jackory...