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I had a phone call the other day from a young friend interested but also worried about what she had been hearing about 2012.

This young friend was worried because she had heard it could be the end of the world. If you are wondering why, it is because that astrologically, during the winter solstice in 2012, the sun will be aligned with the center of the Milky Way for the first time in about 26,000 years; we even have a planned time when that occurs, which is on the 21st of the 12th month, 2012, at 11:11. (this is the time of the Winter Solstice; some think that the exact alignment will be at 7:14.)

For more significance on the year, 2012, and its' link with the Mayan calander, look up the full post at

I for one am excited about 2012; if you look at the significant dates
11: 11 21 December (12) 2012, it links to the following in tarot:

2012: 2 and 12 is 14. Temperance.
12th month, December: The Hanged Man.
21st day: The world.

11:11 - 11 and 11 is 22. There is no 22 in tarot, but if you add 2 and 2 together you get 4. The Emperor. If you add 1 and 1 you get 2, which is The High Priestess. 11 is linked to Justice.

11 and 22 in numerology are "perfect" numbers; 11 is double the strength of 1 i.e. "The Magician" in tarot. 22 is double the strenth of 2, so we have double the strength of The High Priestess. At 11:11 then we get a mix of The Magician with the High Priestess; the Divine Feminine with the male which links to the views of Spiritual healer Andrew Smith predicts a restoration of a "true balance between Divine Feminine and Masculine" in The Revolution of 2012: Vol. 1, The Preparation. (See www.revolutionof2012) We also musn't forget the 11 card in major acana, Justice.

Okay so we have a link of properties of tarot linking into 2012, all quite powerful cards: The Magician, The High Priestess,The Emperor, Justice, The Hanged Man, Temperance, and The World.

If we look at the significance of the Hanged Man, the Magician and The High Priestess, we have alternative ways of looking at things. The magician uses all his tools before him, all the 4 aspects of tarot, that link to earth, air, water and fire. The Magician himself links heaven and earth. The High Priestess as all she needs within her, and is the holder of the Tora, connected with the Tree of Life. She is mistress of fertility; the Magician shouts the strength of reason, or making things happen and carries the sign of infinity; The Priestess can be linked to fertility and sits between her black and white pillars representative of wisdom and strength.

Okay so 2012. We have 20; as in 20, reduced to 2, The Priestess. We have the 12; a spiritual number. 12 is 1 and 2, the Magician and the High Priestess. We see it again in 11: 11. 1 and 1 is 2. Double the strenght is 22. The year 2012 adds up to 14 which links to the Hanged Man; new ideas.

The year in the Mayan calander is the final year in a cycle. There is nothing afte it. I think that is why some people talk of it as being the end of the world. To me though I agree with others out there who look at it as a new beginning; we reach the centre of the Milky Way in 2012, on the 21st of the 12th month. 21 mirrors the 12. 21 in tarot is the world, the balance of the four elements.

This is also mirrored if you look at the time of the alignment which some believe to be 7:14, as opposed to the Solstice time of 11:11. 7 and 14 is 21.

A card of balance of harmony, this card features the balance of the four elements; it is the last card in tarot (significant as this date, the 21st of December, 2012, marks the end of the Mayan cycle of years). The time for this is 11: 11; We then move outwards into another era, a new way of thinking, 11 in Tarot is the Hermit, the teacher, the one with the light, seeking the path, the way forward. The year that follows, 2013, is 15 in tarot, us the Devil, which can be about change, about escaping the confines of the material and temporal. If you add 1 and 5, you get six, which is the Lovers card, the Adam and Eve, if you like of tarot; we have love, intutition, communication. It is linked to Raphael. Raphael's name means "God heals", he is one of the Arch Angels of the "the 2nd heaven"; Raphael is linked to prayer, love, joy, light, and is the guardian of both the Tree of Life and humanity.

My friend who phoned is only 16 right now. She will be 20 in the year 2012. I wish I was 20 when we turn a new corner, a new cycle. Let us hope 2012 sees the end of Iraq, of Afghanistan's troubles and may it be the gateway to a new era of love and dedication to the world and to mankind.

Wishing you love and light
Gina and Jackory

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