Saturday, 13 December 2008

Protection, positive energies, clearing, cleansing

I have been wondering what to write about today. It is a difficult day; the news is not so good here in the UK; we lost 3 Royal Marines to a 13 year old boy bomber. It makes me feel sad. Also the economic news is far from uplifting, with our National emblem of Woolies closing down, and even our homes do not feel safe any more with the Building Societies and Banks now closing down on mortgages where the house prices have fallen under the rate of the mortgage loaned on them. Plus my daughter phoned me, she is feeling down at home and feels that the house has negative energies there. She has never been happy since moving in. Her previous home was a 4, this is a 3. The number 4 is a good number for families, for unity, for balance, equilibrium, and harmony. She feels out of sorts in her "3" home, but she has found out that the lady who lived there before was not happy there either.

The Kabbalah Angel Tarot deck called to me today. It is 22, Metatron, "Beginning". Odd that it should be Metatron, as he is an Angel that I like to call upon.

So, on this troubled day, at first it was difficult looking at Metatron's card to hear a message. This deck to me is a deck that speaks to the person who uses it; there is a book enclosed that gives you a synopsis for each card, but to me this is a deck to use with your own intution and thoughts. So this is what calls to me, today, when I look at this card.

orange, yellows, sage greens, browns. A little red. Warm colours. But balanced, living in harmony with each other. Ideal for a Christmas Tree maybe; choose amongst these colours to help decorate your tree.

Colour meditation:-
Sit for a few moments in the heart of your home. This may be your front room, your kitchen, your bedroom. Quietly draw around you shades of orange, yellow, sage green, brown. Imagine them building up into a circular rainbow, with pure white light in the middle. Fill the room with this light, and then extend it to the other rooms within your home, to your front garden, path, and back garden, yard, or path. Ask Archangle Metatron to bless the home and your family for you, and all who visit. Offer thanks. It is done.

A blessing, gratefullness or appreciation book:
Perhaps at this time of year it is nice to place a book of blessings near your tree. It could be a small book, and as each day goes by, write / log your blessings in the book. You may find on some days it is something small like "I am grateful for warm gloves to wear when I went shopping today"; or maybe "So glad my kettle worked today so I could make a hot drink". It could be just your way of giving thanks eg. " I give thanks to Divine light and love for....." How nice it would be then to light a small candle or an incense stick with your thanks, and then ask for blessings for the people you know, for your neighbours, road, town, country, the world, Mother Earth.... and end it by saying thank you again, with the bright thoughts that you look forward to blessings that are to come tomorrow?

Clarify your thoughts daily. Perhaps even twice a day. Thoughts have energies.
Why not greet each room in your home when you wake up and go to bed? "I love you. Peace. I.". It may be even this "I will find balance and harmony today", or "Peace is around me today".

If hunting for rugs, cushions, drapery, pick out those with circle on them. Think sacred space with circles, drawing upon the devine feminine. They also represent unity and wholeness (think wedding ring). You can also in your mind do this with children that you want to look after, perhaps placing a white circle of protection around them in your thoughts, or purple, indigo blue for healing...

can look so sorry for themselves in winter. Perhaps dress them up with a few bright pots, or just tidy them up somehow so they look less sorry for themselves, and place a few nice ornaments like a little budha, fairy, or animal... love the garden as you work, particularly the area around your path and your front door.

A prayer/meditation at night:
"my home is my shelter from harm, my shelter from storms, and a place of harmony and light. Love and light reside here. May love and light only enter. May it be filled with the Grace of the spirit of the Divine, in consciousness, thought, word and deed. May peace and light radiate from here to fill those areas within the world where peace and light are most needed. "

Cars / jouurneys:-
before I go on a journey, I ask for a safe arrival and a safe return home, with harm to no living or non living thing, through Divine Light and Love. In other words, I ask for my journey to be blessed, even if it is a short journey. I also will ask for a car parking space that I can easily park in. You can send out blessings of love and light as you travel, or even as you shop. A simple thought of "bless you" is all that it takes. And yes, I firmly believe what you send out, you get back...

This is a tricky one. Whole books can be written on each one of the subjects in todays blog. But a nice thoughtful way to work with bills / debts is to bless the money you are giving. Ask that it may bring blessings to the receiver. Also try and give a little. Dont forget to bless any money that you receive. In these days when money is automatically transferred into bank accounts we don't get chance to actually hold that money in our hand. But on pay day for example, give thanks for the money that is on its way to you and ask that it be used for the Highest Good for you and your family. Give thanks, ask for blessings, send blessings ... If you see even a small penny around, give thanks and pick it up. Once I was really stuck for money, I needed to give my mum some money to help her out, and didn't know where the money was going to come from to do that. I went out on a spur of the moment thing, and found £40, neatly folded in tens, on the pavement, brand new notes, and people had walked past it and not noticed it. It was only £10 less than I needed, and the interesting thing was that the notes were neat. At first I just thought it ws a folded ten pound note on the floor until I picked it up. I also could not quite take in why other people had not picked it up!

Perhaps a few pennies to a charity, perhaps give of your time. Perhaps get something unexpected, in a small way, for a neighbour or a friend, or do something for them, like move their bin back after the bin men have come. The Salvation Army at this time needs good toys, new or nearly new, gift wrap them with boy, girl, approx age and give it into the Army. Did you know they give, not just one or two toys, but one or two sacks to children in need, in the local area, at this time? They are all beautifully wrapped, and are sent in proper Santa sacks. They do marvellous work, the Sally Army.

Oh I know. There is so much about cluttered drawers and cuboards. But lets face it, when you wear crumpled dirty clothes and perhaps have mixed up colours that clash, you will not feel fresh or replenished! Same for your home. Think about what areas you need positive energies in. Is it Relationships, money? Perhaps family? or maybe had a row with a best friend, or you just cannot finish off that assignment that is due in? Okay. So think about the good old feng shui way of working with your home.

Roughly speaking, this is a diagram of areas within your home:

Wealth Abundance.......Fame Reputation.....Relationships Love
Family Income..............Health........................Children Creativity
Knowledge Wisdom......Career........................Helpful people Travel

Okay. You need to graph that out onto paper. Place it at your front door . The knowledge/ people travel should be the bit that is against your front door. You can then roughly judge where those areas are in your home.

Clean out / space clear the area you are having problems in.

To create balance and harmony, I'll do another post. I can gab for england sometimes!

love light and harmony
Gina and Jackoryx

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