Friday, 14 October 2011

Try a gratefulness dairy

One of the tips that Jackory gave to me especially in his last year with me, was his joy and gratefulness at any small thing. It seems to me that what he found it so very easy to find joy in the smallest and sometimes most mondane of things. Even though he was so poorly, his tail wagged and there was always a glint in his eye and always, always was eager to "love".

Too often us humans forget this. Especially in these days when money is so very short, jobs are few, and all our bills are going up.

What small things can you find today that are pleasing, beautiful, or that you are simply grateful for?

Maybe try keeping a dairy, or a blog, or even count down in your head before you go to sleep, or while you have that bedtime cuppa tonight, of all the things, people that made you smile. Of anything that brought even a second's happiness or bit of joy into your life.

Jackory's gift was love, and he not only gave it to others, but loved life.

Love others, love your life.

with love and light,
Gina and Jackoryx

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