Friday, 11 July 2008

Jackory: difficult news - a growth in the bladder.


I haven't posted in ages, too many things going on at home and also a bit of a struggle myself with my CFS/M.E. (diet and excercise!)

Today though I feel upbeat for the first time in ages and it seems as if my spirit friends are giving me some energy to work through my days, especially now that only a few days ago, shortly after my birthday, Jackory was diagnosed with a bladder tumour. It is a tumour that is at the mouth of his bladder, so my vet (a special star spirit with a lot of compassion) said it can't be operated on successfully.

Now, he is a lovely dog, he is special, for lots of reasons I wont go into now. Anyway, he is still happy, still enjoying some walks although he is panting a bit, but still wagging his tail.

I searched the net on cancer and came up with a few ideas. So I have been shopping in big ways for Jackory:
Apricot kernals
digestive enzimes
Star of bethleham
Al0e Vera
Apple seeds
sprouted flax powder.

I have a few other things but these are what I've started Jackory on. Yesterday we started on the apple seeds, I chopped them up as I didn't have a grinder.

It is strange how spirit works really. Yesterday my neighbour took some fencing spare and she asked how my dogs were as she had spotted me in the vets. I told her and she gave me a Starbucks grinder. I love starbucks coffee, and simply adore this grinder! I used it today, to grind up the apricot kernals.

I am putting him on three meals a day so far.
Today he has had:

Breakfast: - fish / soya milk/ a bit of flax powder (fed by hand initially, Jack is not so keen on fish!) followed by a little digestive enzymes in a bit of natural yoghart (put this on his paws!)

Lunch: pilchards (washed in water to take away some of the salt), with some kernals which I had ground up. This smelt a bit of the kernals and Jack didn't seem to like it, so I mixed it with 2 small new potatoes I had mashed with a bit of butter and natural yoghart.

Logan helped here (he will eat anything) and after seeing Logan take some, jack ate all of his, and licked the bowl.

snack: natural yoghart in a bit of milk, with a tiny bit of aloe vera juice, followed by 1 capsule of Raintree's " n-tense." Jack tried to take the first capsule, but it broke, he bravely tried to eat it, so I gave him a bit of water. The 2nd capsule I needed to give him, is Raintree's urinary support. I emptied the capsule on a small piece of bread and butter and Jack woolfed this down.

I also have been busy this morning not just with feeding, Jack has been searching for a little place he can just be (under the piano stool, inside the pantry.

Somehow I was inspired to take Logan's crate through to the front room, from F.'s grotto (My partners own model railway cave) and put it in the front room. With a throw over the top it looks just fine, Jack's cave! Where he can relax and doze.

Jackory, borrowing Logans crate 11 July

We've been doing some healing work with Jack too, - so if you do reiki or absent healing or simply want to send him some love and light, you are most welcome. I took him to Talking Horses lady, Catherine Walker a couple of days ago for some healing, and every day and evening I do some healing moments with him. I've also got a few healing tapes, some from Ron Hayes in Liverpool, and play those for Jack.

I'm tired now so will rest up a bit. My readings for now have taken a bit of a back step but hopefully I will be able to do some more soon!

I do have though for sale this wee girl, whom I have called "Grace". She is born from a Shawna Clymer vinyl kit, "Nina" and is 9 of 150. Please e-mail me if you would like her, or contact me through my website Thank you.

I would like £65 ono please for her, plus post, unless you live Cheshire, NorthWales, Nottingham or nearby areas, when she could be delivered to you!

She comes with her kit certificate; fairy butterfly comfort blanket; a star of life charm; a vial of fairy dust, a wood or crystal wand; and (this is optional) - a fairy scope reading (a bit like a horiscope, but based on a fairy card reading, which will cover six months)

Grace with her wings and dressGRACE

and her she is without them, wearing her long sleeved cotton baby grow.


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