Saturday, 12 July 2008

Jackory seems a bit brighter today

Well, yesterday went fine really, other than Jack not looking as happy as normal, there was just a touch of despondency about him. Having said that, the weather was iffy, with rain and maybe a few thundery showers around, and Jack is a smashing weather dog! Much better than a cukoo clock! He knows within I'd say around 20mins if it is going to rain, and he doesnt like storms much at all. While all the preparations and meals were going on, here is a picture of Logan, taking it easy!

Anyway, today he seems brighter. I stayed up later than normal to let him out, and then got up around 3 am to let him out again. He is taking to having a wee in the yard we have and then walking by the back yard door, as the floor stays dry there! He waits there till I open the door and bring him back in again. He never did like getting his paws dirty at all, and always will clean them when he comes back from a walk.

I've noticed whenever I do the hands off healing, Logan will often come in and lie down between me and Jackory. In many ways I prefer this to the hands on, because Jack settles better, and also because it includes his aura in it too.

Okay so far today:

Breakfast: scrambled free range eggs, followed by a little milk with some of the aloe vera in it.

I've been using a syringe from a kiddies neurofen to pick up the aloe with,so I know how much I am giving to Jackory. Jack ate the eggs, but I had to hand feed him this. He didn't much care for the milk, but he drank a tiny bit of it.

mid morning snack: a small piece of thin toast with the Raintree urinary support and the N-Tense; I break the capsules and spread it on the toast. Jack ate a piece of the toast but then I noticed he just licked the toast that I had remaining, which was okay, as he was licking up the most important - the powder from the capsules!

I went to Sainsburys inbetween the breakfast and the snack. To get in yet some more shopping! I went initially to get the budget fish that they do, the frozen white fish, but came away from a container of fresh mackeral. I've never cooked mackeral. Actually I am supposed to have it as I am on a diet and need to loose weight, so I will taste it after I've cooked it! I had to ask the man at the fish counter and he said to grill it. I intend to grill it later and mix it with some of the apricot kernals.

Logan seems quiet these days, don't know if it is because of Jackory or because of him being neutered, now a couple of months back. My vets bills are getting bigger and bigger, but never mind. Talking of Logan, just before Jackory got diagnosed, I treated myself to a collar for him, it is called a DOGMATIC and it is magical, just magic. With the ME bit, sometimes it is a lot to take him for a walk, specially with him being a sight hound, if he spots something it is an instant pull, and he is big, big big.... But with the Dogmatic, it is like taking a chihuahua for a walk. Just a joy, and not so much of a problem now if he sees anything. I will take a picture, the one i bought was the luxury padded leather. One because I always think leather is strong, and two because I find that a lot of materials, unless it is really soft leather, take off Logan's hair.
Well it is expensive, but it works and I have to say to them, well done. It is just a joy and a gift really specially for me right now.

The other thing that I got, thinking of Jackory, now is something for his water. I read that tumours do not like oxygen much, so it seems from what I have read on the net, that oxygen is important. Oddly enough there is a lot of stuff about it with ME too. The man I saw in Liverpool, the ME clinic there, said there was no basis to say it helped with ME, but you know common sense tells me it may help. I'm thinking of the fact that when you have a baby, you get given gas and air. THink how that makes you feel!!!! Ok, so if youre a bloke, you wont know, but I remember the upbeatness of the gas and air. Also if you look at the facts on this, in normal air apparantly, there is about 19 or 20 per cent oxygen. In the gas and air they give you in hospital, it is around 50 per cent I think. So, when you receive the gas and air, it doubles your oxygen intake, doesnt it. There is a real expensive machine you can buy, if you are human, but it costs a few thousand pound to buy. Which is ridiculous really, as not very many normal people I know can just afford to go and buy it. It is like buying a car really! - So, thinking about improving OXYGEN:

The only thing I can think of right now is water. So I boil up water regularly and change it approx every two hours. Also I got this:
It is a pet coaster for water from MAGNOPULSE.

I have to go now, but more about this later on.
Okay its 2300 now or there abouts. It has been another tiring day. F. is trying to fix the fences up in the garden, which will be nice as it will hopefully be all beautiful for Jackory to lie in!
Anyway, I cooked up the mackeral and it was really nice. So both me and the dogs had it for our lunch. I did them lamb for tea, and you know when I took my library books back our local church was in the centre, so I asked them if they would bless jackory, and they said yes. So, to cut a story short, he got blessed today by our local church which was nice. Then later I took him to a Wiccan friend I know called Wendy, who does some healing too, and she gave him a love for me.
I am sad to find no one else has lit a candle for Jackory, am determind to keep on going. After all, if you change God's name back to front, you get Dog.
Love and light, to all (please dont forget to light a candle for Jackory!)

Thankyou so much

Gina Jackory and Logan.

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