Sunday, 13 July 2008

Today: Jacks looking a bit better

Well, Jack today has a lovely coat on him, glistening (probably the mackeral!); his nose feels a bit damp and just slightly cold, which is better than it was a couple of days ago. Needless to say he has been totally spoilt over the last few days, actually i spoil him all the time, just more so recently.

Waking: a treat, one of those joint bones (Jack likes these, but I have to break it up into pieces otherwise he wolfs it down mostly whole)

Breakfast today: white fish (Sainsburies special basic ) with some goats milk that it cooked in)
I gave the digestive aid, the aloe vera one, in a syringe, Jack didn't seem to mind.

F. helped out a bit by taking both dogs out for a walk, I asked not too fast or too long and he seemed to respect that which was great and Jack came back not too puffed. It has helped me today as I feel really tired. I was really tired last night and didn't do my normal healing session with Jack, instead when up at 3 to let him out, I brought a duvet down and lay by him and did some hands on then.

I am a bit fed up today because no one so far has lit a candle for Jackory, and that would be nice to see. I have given so many, probably a couple of hundred readings out to people having faith they may send something in, and they haven't although they have come back for more readings. I was hoping at least a few would light a candle or two for him, it is nice to know there is support out there and people have him in their thoughts.

I am thinking of just giving up on the Doggeanie website. It costs money every month to have it up on the net, and although I havent done any readings lately with being poorly, I don't think I want to do any now because of energy, and because I have so much on my plate right now. I am still not a hundred per cent, so I need to be brave I think and give it up. The Wheel of Fortune year is hitting me hard this year; for me the wheel is turning in all aspects of my life, and bringing with it unexpected changes. I am even thinking I would prefer to do animal healing and animal communication, maybe some animal spirit readings and forge ahead with that. I am saddened by the number of people that have just ignored paying even £1 in return for a reading although heartened by a few who have sent in some payments or sent me thanks.

I usually dip into my packs for some guidance, only I just haven't lately, it has been a few weeks since I have done that. They are lying forlorn in my booshelf! - I thought yesterday about them, and so today got reaquainted with them. I picked the Medicine Womans deck. I love this deck, they can be expensive but they are nice gentle cards and have a nice feel, they are quite positive and seem a good choice with all the healing going on! Oddly enough being low on energy I took out the pack just now, and gave them a shuffle and almost instantly no. 20 dropped out, Judgmeent.

Judgement in tarot is linked to the Angels! - But interestingly, it is double the Wheel of fortune. ie. 10+10. I often think 10 is about completion, end of things, the glimmer of things anew. A bit like the stars in the sky, heralding the end of one day and coming just before the dawn of a new day.

In the book, Medicine Woman says:
"I recognise the circle of life brings undeviating justice to all things, events, and beings as all unite in consciousness. I realize my every thought, word, and movement affect all creation. Through time, the great circle returns all things to their maker".

oh crumbs. Tears now. I know. Jackory said in my dream months before the symptoms, that he couldnt stay with me any longer. He wanted to be a search and rescue dog, and the man came down and put his harness on him. I am so proud of my Jackory, and honoured to know he has told me his next pathway. And honoured to know I have a dog with me that will go on to save lives. I told you he was special.

The circle of life. I am thinking of someones website, Dorothy's called the Circle of Light. Often Dorothy says things that are often tough to hear, but they have a spiritual tenderness and a spiritual awakening. The Circle of Life, entwined with the circle of light. One and the same. I just wish I could make the journey with Jackory, and look down on him as he begins his second life.

Also, that first paragraph resonates somewhat. It is a bit like music, it has the harmony and the melody. It sings out the present circumstances. I guess what I am trying to do with people lighting candles, is uniting us. When people come together, there is unity, but also a power, a power of thoughts, prayers, healing. I just dont want my Jackory to suffer, I want him to go in his sleep. He is such a beautiful dog. I wonder so many times why good spirits that come to pass their glory and light in this world pass on with so much difficulty and pain; I think of my step father who never said a bad word or unkind word about anyone. He was totally content with what he had and never hankered for more. He died at 47 years of age with cancer and cancer isn't kind. It is relenting, like some horrible monster that never lets go. And we can all think of people who are well, for years and years, and spread pain and fear where ever they go (thinking of Africa and one certain politician here!)

Maybe Jack is needed; maybe some big event will pass, like the Two Towers, where dogs are so badly needed, so God is gathering his troops now. Maybe there is a lovely man out there in search and rescue, who will get a lovely young puppy one day, and it will be my Jackory. I pray the man will be good to him, will enjoy their days together, and will love him and take care of him as much as I do.

I cant bear this you know. We all have to go on individually don't we. For me the only brightness, the only crystal in all of this is the search and rescue thing, and what I really would like at the moment is a healing crystal wand.

We need you guys to come together then, to unite, as the Circle of Life and the Circle of Light unite. We need you all, if ever you have had a reading of me unite with us now in this one act of sending some love and light to my Jackory, for healing. Healing comes in many forms, it may be Jackory does pull through this, that his search and rescue life is just not right now, or it may be healing, to send this special special dog on his pathway with all our love, and all our life light around him, sparkling, so he can come back full of vitality, full of love, cradled in everything that is positive about humanity, and you know then every time his tail wags, it will be like a lovely bright wand, bringing to the person he is rescuing the healing and love that we send with him.

Light a candle for him. Please.

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