Monday, 14 July 2008

It's Monday already

Well, tomorrow heralds a week since the news about my Jackory. I've got so much to write about today, I don't know where to start.

Well yesterday I ended up feeling a bit like a worn out dish rag; fortunately F. was good enough to finish off the roast dinner, doing the dishes, and he took the dogs out for their night walk, and this morning's walk. I was too tired to finish off the blog yesterday, and too tired to do any healing for Jackory last evening, or in the night, when I get up to let him out.

Yesterday, I did manage to take some pictures of Jack in the garden. I took one of Logan, but managed to only get his body in not his head!

Yes, the necklace around Jack is for healing and love. I can't remember the name of the stones now, it is rose something or other. I always feel their comfort when I wear them, so I have put them on Jackory. I also means they are with him all the time, even when I cant be.

Okay food updates. I cant give any updates yesterday, I was just too tired to think about it and today is a new day. Today though ~

breakfast: poached eggs and toast with the urinary support and the N-tense on the toast. Jack didnt like or didn't fancy this, so this ended up in the bin.

breakfast 2: about an hour or so later on - chicken from yesterdays roast chicken, mixed up with the N=tense and the urinary support. Jack ate probably 95 per cent of this, which is okay.

Plans for 2nd / 3rd meal: well I have more chicken let so will probably cook that up with a bit of potato and add some sort of gravy to it to add in the apricot kernals and the powderd digestive aid that came with it. 3rd meal: probably just some milk and yoghart today, with the aloe vera in it as Jack ate quite a bit of the chiken this morning.

A note on portion sizes. This is difficult with a dog. I am fine with a puppy, can handle that okay, with an adult dog you have to sort of get your thinking cap on. The portions are just smaller. I think the time is important. I would have liked to have given Jackory some milk/natural yoghart with the aloe vera digestive aid in it, but we had a visit from "My Mum" ! this morning early.

That sort of made everything upside down, especially as I was tired. So I will have to give the milk mix later on. I got way laid from Mum, as Jackory lay down in his bed for the healing that she gives him, I tried to explain he is just getting used to healing now and will move about now for healing in the places that he wants, but she wouldn't listen and so went on about "when the time is right". This ended up in a few tears, as Jack is important. I don't want him to suffer at all, dont want any pain. He has had that in his life, when he was a stray. I promise him every day I will make as good as I can for him, and thats what I want to do.

Anyway she only stayed an hour. I ended up going back to bed, taking Jack with me. He lay on the floor by me and we listened to some healing music. I fell asleep and only woke up around 11.20, to find that Logan had rumaged through the kitchen bin and managed to get in the sealed bag in there that had contained the chicken carcass. Needless to say he then went for a wee in F.'s "grotto" the place F. keeps his model railway, so it is a bit smelly as I type this! I have no bleach in, so just had to use some baking powder, washing up liquid and washing powder. I need to go and give the floor another wash down.

Havent looked at my cards today. I need to balance things a bit more so I can cope with the M.E. bit and Jackory. F. was quite good yesterday and that helped.

Still no more candles on Jacks candle site. But never mind, I'll ask "spirit" to get the news out!

love and light (*and some laughter, please God)

Gina and Jackory

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