Tuesday, 15 July 2008

A cheerier Tuesday

God's kind with his Grace isn't he. Grace is a word that is cropping up all the time for me lately, and a word I have taken a liking to. I have even suggested it as a name for my daughter's baby, should she have a little girl.

I say that because since yesterday we have been blessed with Grace, in so many different ways.

I went to the local market yesterday. I love markets. Probably because my Nan had a market stall; she sold handbags in Chester market. Anyway, I went hunting, for some doggy treats that I could stuff the Apricot kernals in that are a bit bitter. The only thing that Jackory can take them in easily, at the moment, is Mackeral, and Tuna. I worry about the salt content in tinned tuna though; I haven't tried him with fresh tuna yet. Anyway, so off I went, looking for treats, something I could stuff with the kernals!

I came back with some of the dried "sausage" treats, but they went any good, Jackery spat them out. So anyway, I then tried the chewy tooth dog sticks I already had. These were half price in Safeway last week, and have a soft inside that you can pick out. So I picked it out, and stuffed the kernals inside. As it was a long tube, I did this by cutting it up in little rolo shapes. Jack wolved them down (hurrah).

In case you are wondering, here are Jackory's kernals, together with the bag they came in, and also the lovely grinder that my neighbour kindly gave me:

They do smell of apricots when you grind them up. And yes they are bitter. Not initially, if you chew one at first it is just apricoty, then the bitterness creeps in.

Jackory has 15 of them, which is calculated on his weight. When you buy them, if you give the weight, it is all calculated for you.

So that was a bit of a success! Jackory also enjoyed his chicken yesterday, which was lovely to see.

I've noticed the essentials that I need now are things to put the kernals in, and goats milk / natural yoghart. The N-Tense and the urinary support are fine, Jack even has a go at swollowing the capsules.

Anyway, back to the word "grace". I've been wondering what to do about my readings, for one I haven't done any for ages because my energy levels really dropped. Secondly I was disappointed so few people sent in any donation at all, even though they came back for second/third or more readings. Anyway someone phoned yesterday for a reading, out of the blue really. I had to read upstairs, because F. does not like me reading. I enjoyed being back in the "saddle" so to speak, and feel as if I am giving something back to spirit, as they are helping so much with Jackory. And in a funny way, I do feel more energised this morning, and less of an old mangled dishcloth than I felt on Sunday, which is great as I feel I can give more to Jackory.

Jackory does look brighter today. He has stayed by me, choosing to lie down even as we are typing this, which is nice. He has brighter eyes today and is eating on his own without being hand fed. So far though, it is 9.21, and he hasn't had any treatments yet, I am just letting his stomach settle a bit before I give him his N=tense and urinary support. I give those in the morning, and then the digestive enzyme with the kernals in the afternoon.

Also yesterday I was able to pick up on blogs again, and dip into Hay House radio. I love their site! Anyway i was dipping into Venus's blog. She is a lovely lady and I so enjoy her shows on Hay House. She speaks of commonsensical every day things, particularly more apt for women I think, than for men. Anyway, her blog makes me laugh so much . You can link up to her blog on

http://venusandrecht.com/blog/?p=78 (dont forget to read the one on June 28th, it had me in tucks. Absolute tucks.)

Talking of love, life and laughter (which is all in Venus's blog), they say light and laughter heals don't they. I came across stuff about blue light healing in the cancer battles that are on the internet, which is interesting as in the spiritualist churches, when they do their healing sessions, they often put blue lights on. So maybe I ought to get a lamp for Jackory and a blue light bulb! - Also though if I am doing some healing, I always send out a blue indigo violet ray. Anyway my mum brought Jackory a present today:

Yes thats right a little Christmas tree. It lights up with different colours, I had it switched on but you can't see the lights in this picture. I popped in the little doll I made out of wool felting (its a lovely hobby, wool felting).
The reason, well fae spirits love trees and lights dont they, and we could do with some sparkle in the front room. I always love the Christmas tree lights, so this will look lovely in the evenings. Be cheery for us and for Jackory.
Talking anyway a bit more about healing and things like lights, wool too is brilliant. I love working with wool, but love the real stuff, the 100 per cent wool. I always feel calm and serene, specially when I have enough energy to spin wool on my lovely spinner. Out of interest I looked up "sheep" to see the animal spirit guidance, and mostly it is to do with serenity, balance, knowing where you are going, being centred in peace. Nice don't you think. Perhaps I really should get going now with the spinning and make a dog coat for him out of the wool. That would be nice. I know some people say wool is itchy, but somehow I've not found that when I spin and plus the wool gives off a lovely natural lanolin which is great for the hands.
Well it is a nice day today, and so I am going to sit in the garden for a bit with Jackory. F. has worked really hard in the garden, and although it is far from finished, it is almost safe enough to take Logan in there now, plus it is cleared enough to sit in. And sunlight, according to all the stuff I've read is quite good for you, in small amounts any way!
I also before I go quickly need to write about the symptoms that Jack showed:
Symptoms Jack showed:
Needing to go for more wees
Longer wees than normal
Panting more at home and during walks
A bit more agitated or anxious
Straining sometimes when going for number 2's.
What I did to save time was I asked the vet for a water sample bottle, which was free, as I thought at first it could be diabetis (did I spell that right?) This saved a lot of time as I then came home, took a fresh sample, and then took Jackory back with the sample.
Okay off to sit in the garden now. thank you for the light love and laughter God.
Wishing you love, light and laughter
Gina and Jackory.

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